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  • Groba Remix 7.jpg

    Fluffy Store

    A string of mysterious wind chimes brought three lovely and uninvited kemonomimi girls to this small convenience store. At such a summer night full of surprises and excitement, what lies ahead on their road of adventure?

  • Groba Remix 7.jpg

    Fox Hime

    Yan is a college student with a special guardian girl named Mori at his side. "If my girlfriend is as beautiful as Mori, then my life must be blessed by the gods..." Unknowingly, another girl is entering his life...

  • Groba Remix 7.jpg

    Fox Hime Zero

    Yan is a natural science student. He met a cute and mysterious girl with fox ears while doing mundane scientific research in an observation cabin. The story between him and her might be a “blessing” for every brave explorer in this era.

  • Groba Remix 7.jpg

    Grobda Remix

    Grobda Remix is an AVG game with themes of youth, inspiration and love. It features exquisite pictures, an engrossing love story and beautiful music.

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    Koi Musubi

    After studying away in Taiwan, Shao-Tang finally comes back to his hometown of Nangan to be a receptionist at an inn for the summer where he works with his childhood friend Zi-Jin. "Without a love knot, you will be single forever!

  • Groba Remix 7.jpg

    Leaflet Love Story

    A normal male engineering student who used to be successful, is now languishing at the bottom in his English classes. A pretty girl who is said to be unapproachable, and is very proud of herself. How will the romance between the two of them develop?

  • Groba Remix 7.jpg

    Lingering Fragrance

    We walk together, play together, and do everything together. This is our last trip, our last memory. Lingering Fragrance is a short visual novel containing three main story lines. Which one is your side of the story?

  • Groba Remix 7.jpg


    This is a game that combines match-3, GALGAME elements and beauties. If you want to learn more about these beauties, you need to best them first.

  • Groba Remix 7.jpg

    Sunnyrain Lovestory

    Lucien recently enrolled in Second Normal Experimental High School as a teenager entering school for the first time under his father's wishes. Naturally, he felt rebellious and had difficulty getting along with people. Despite this...

  • Groba Remix 7.jpg

    Tales of the Black Forest

    High school student Kihara Kashin is trapped by an unknown force in Kuromori-chō. She accidentally ran into Kiritani Yuki who told her she had to travel to the past in order to get out of Kuromori-chō.

  • Groba Remix 7.jpg

    The Leopard Catgirl in Miaoli

    The protagonist Wang Cheng-En returns to his hometown due to the rivalry between different countries. Along the way, he encounters a girl with animal ears by accident. How will this relationship develop when he lives together with this unusual girl?

  • Groba Remix 7.jpg

    The Mikado Birdgirl in Taichung

    Wang Cheng-En escaped the Miaoli emperor's clutches with Pisuka. This time, they follow Mika to the holy city of Taichung. What awaits him? Will he eat lead, end up being buried as a bloated corpse in a ditch in the middle of Taiwan, or lead an ordinary daily life together with young girls?

  • Groba Remix 7.jpg

    Vampire's Melody

    Three centuries have passed after sleeping for one night!? On a rainy night filled with thunderstorms, a young chef Raylan encountered a mysterious girl who resembled Sleeping Beauty in a huge tree hole...


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