Welcome to our Translation Projects page

Below are the translation projects that we are involved with showing how we are helping to bring Chinese only Visual Novels to an English audience.

Completed:  The Steam page has our translation patch

Submitted:  The game developer currently has our patch and it is under review

In Progress:  Our current project (they usually take months to complete)

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The Leopard Catgirl in Miaoli

The protagonist Wang Cheng-En returns to his hometown due to the rivalry between different countries. Along the way, he encounters a girl with animal ears by accident.How will this...


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Tales of the Black Forest

In a world filled with yōkai, a surging dark power has overshadowed a Japanese town. A group of 2 developers have produced a Japanese pixel adventure game to tell a tale that dates back to the Heisei era...


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Fluffy Store

A string of mysterious wind chimes brought three lovely and uninvited kemonomimi girls to this small convenience store. At such a summer night full of surprises and excitement, what lies ahead on their road of adventure?


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Fox Hime Zero

Yan is a student of natural history. He met a cute and mysterious girl with fox ears when he was engaged in a dull scientific research in a natural observation station. The story between him and her may be a “fortune”...