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Grobda Remix

Fan Translation Project - Complete

Grobda Remix is an adventure game with themes of youth, inspiration and love. It features exquisite pictures, an engrossing love story, and beautiful music.

Highlights include incredible performances by a cast of voice actors and actresses from Aoni Production Co. Ltd., and theme songs superbly composed by Lantis, a Japanese record company famous for theme song production in anime series.

Synopsis: Yuran - a small town with a rich and long history in music. One day, a visitor broke the tranquility in this place. "I think those who really understand music are good people." Faced with a dream invitation, a young man holds on tightly to an outstretched hand. And now... a melody that combines dreams, love and youthfulness, begins with its most beautiful notes in a concert.

Translation: Chinese to English

Project Lead: woosk

Contributors: Rie, André Iori Yagami, Helena Souza, Matth, SinicalGeek, TheSpecter95, Tiago Rocha, Daniel

Sinical Network Game info page:

Download Translation File (Only clickable for our Fan Translations)

If not clickable, our translation file has already been implemented into the official game.

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