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Twilight Survivors

Welcome, all survivors to Bonder Continent in its ever-present darkness!

A time-limited survival game infused with rogue-lite elements and an adorable art style! The world has plunged into darkness, and you are its sole beacon of hope. Will you endure until dawn, or succumb to multiple deaths in your quest? Fear not, for it is possible to collect more coins to enhance yourself!
A full 3D survivors-like game!

Features characters and monsters in full 3D, along with stunning effects. With its novel, cute characters and monsters, there are hints of warmth even in the darkness across three different types of terrain. Plains! Snowy mountains! Deserts! Each with its own creatures and traps!

Dazzling super weapons! Strike your enemies down with style!

Take your time to unlock 20+ weapons, 20+ skills, and combine them to create over 20 super weapons. Mow your enemies down in the most magnificent style possible!

Nine characters with distinct styles!

Every character has unique weapons and individual Talent Trees, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Find your favorite character, and challenge yourself by trying out different ones!

Spend coins to strengthen your characters with the self-contained Talent Tree, Kwent Card, and Lore system. Create a unique gaming experience that's yours alone.

Current Version Includes:
- 9 playable characters
- 20+ weapons, 20+ skills, and 20+ super weapons
- Individual Talent Tree system
- Over 80 Kwent Cards
- 3 maps, 13 levels
- Over 60 types of monsters

Translation: Chinese to English

Project Lead: woosk

Contributors: SinicalGeek

Store Pages:

Download Translation File (Only clickable for our Fan Translations)

If not clickable, our translation file has already been implemented into the official game.

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