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Mirror 2: Project X

The official Sequel of Mirror now on Steam!
Fully evolved from 2D to 3D!

Enter the parallel worlds enriched by the stories and match-3 games developed using cel-shading techniques powered by Unreal Engine 4. Ponder on your choices because each of them will determine the fate of all.

A vast, complex, and immersive world that will leave a mark on your heart.
Well-made lifelike characters with stories worth discovering.
More intense match-3 battles than ever.
To be or not to be... the choice is yours. Remember, every one of them counts.

Finally! You can take a break from Sophie's choices of the Story Mode and the endless enemies of the Challenge Mode, just to relax for a bit, with your gal pals, of course.
Sunshine, the ocean, the beach, knowing all is well. Just relax and enjoy the Dodai Island with the girls.

While you're there, be sure to take some pictures of the luxury suite we prepared for you with a pool, bathtub, and king-size bed.
Forget about work, forget about other parts of life you may have, and have some fun on this well-deserved holiday!

Exquisite characters and scenes.
Every girl you meet in STORY MODE is either available now or will be later.
Don't forget to check the closet for a variety of clothes and trinkets.
The girls will pose for you to take the pictures at multiple locations.
If fixed poses don't meet your need, you can tweak everything yourself from head to toes.
Support for Steam Workshop

What we would like this mode to be:
Tons of beautiful clothes.
Multiple explorable sites.
Easy-to-pose system and support for customizable characters and animations.
VR headset adaptation to make the girls more alive than ever.

Translation: Chinese to English

Project Lead: woosk

Contributors: SinicalGeek, TheSpecter95, AbyssalSoul

Steam Store page:

Download Translation File (Only clickable for our Fan Translations)

If not clickable, our translation file has already been implemented into the official game.

Screenshot Gallery

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