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Lingering Fragrance

We walk together, play together, and do everything together. This is our last trip, our last memory. Lingering Fragrance is a short visual novel containing three main story lines. Which one is your side of the story?

This kinetic visual novel with adult content (ecchi CGs, text and dialogue only) by BLESTWORKS, 橘子班 and NVLMaker features 3 different unnamed male protagonists in 3 different stories in a dystopian Chinese setting.

In the first story Lingering, it features the first protagonist who is going to enjoy two days at a resort for the rich, powerful and famous with his high-school girlfriend Daisy after they both take many part-time jobs to afford their tickets to the resort. They plan to spend their last two days together at the resort to enjoy their last moments together before they separate, go to attend higher education and have their memories of each other erased in order to have a job and a future assigned to them by the government. In the second story Fragrance which is unlocked after completing Lingering, features the second protagonist who spends much of his life within the garbage and toxic waste dump beneath the resort as a Nothing in order to resist the temptation to submit to the government and receive an education. In the third story Nothing that is unlocked after completing Fragrance, it features the third protagonist who held a stable job at the resort and faces arrest for violating a law.

Translation: Chinese to English

Project Lead: woosk

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If not clickable, our translation file has already been implemented into the official game.

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