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The Leopard Catgirl in Miaoli

The protagonist Wang Cheng-En returns to his hometown due to the rivalry between different countries. Along the way, he encounters a girl with animal ears by accident. How will this relationship develop when he lives together with this unusual girl?

Wang Cheng-En was a pharmacist who worked in Taipei. When he was barred from working there, he returned to his hometown in Miaoli. Along the way, he didn't expect to come across a wounded leopard catgirl Pisuka Riya.

By taking care of her, a story on the romance between the two of them in Miaoli Empire begins.

Translation: Chinese to English

Project Lead: woosk

Contributors: qtf, MiketheFatAsianNerd

Sinical Network Game info page:

Download Translation File (Only clickable for our Fan Translations)

If not clickable, our translation file has already been implemented into the official game.

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