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Tales of the Black Forest

High school student Kihara Kashin is trapped by an unknown force in Kuromori-chō. She accidentally ran into Kiritani Yuki who told her she had to travel to the past in order to get out of Kuromori-chō.

And so, the adventure begins. What lies ahead, is not just the secrets hidden behind Kuromori-chō, but the strange and exciting world of yōkai.

The main story has three immersive chapters. The story is based on historical events mixed with our own imagination to provide an unusual and attractive narrative. Simple and descriptive narration and dialogue. Tales of the Black Forest provides a thrilling adventure.

Translation: Chinese to English

Project Lead: woosk

Contributors: André Iori Yagami, Fluffy cactus, Matth, Maurizio Zaniol, Serhii Korinnyi, SinicalGeek, SkullAtlAxis, Tiago Rocha

Sinical Network Game info page:

Download Translation File (Only clickable for our Fan Translations)

If not clickable, our translation file has already been implemented into the official game.

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