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Inazuma - Multi-Gaming Community

Hello! I would like to present INAZUMA, a multi-gaming community that is aimed to be the gaming community to join, for having an enjoyable time with fellow gamers.

What is INAZUMA?

INAZUMA is designed to be your haven for all genres of games, be it Visual Novels, RPG, Shooters, Stealth, FPS, MMOs, JRPG, Mobile games, Console games etc...

Inazuma will be your home and your family while you are with us.

We have several active channels with focused topics such as anime, manga, food, recipe exchange, cars, computers, music, art, and even a botanic channel just created based on community requests. :D Outside of the core gaming channels, various specialty channels may change over time as we listen to the input from our community on what channels they would like to have created.

Our Credo:

Have fun, share fun, help each other, play and talk/chat together, have a joyful time together.

We allow you to create your own guild in our games section and are open to work with members who are involved in E-sports. Contact our Discord staff for more info.

In INAZUMA, the members are masters of the community, they decide how the server develops!

We have a broad selection of available roles that everyone can assign to themselves, with more fun ones to be added in the future~

With the mindset of constantly evolving to meet the needs of our members, here are a few examples of recent additions and future plans:

-An extended category for Visual Novels, including additional channels and improved layout

-A reworked MMO category, for the competition and multiplayer hungry players which will includes game series like Battlefield; Call of Duty; Valorant and other future MMOs

-New server icon and banner that fits to our community

-More roles to be added

Help Wanted!

We are currently looking for someone with experience in Discord server setup and moderation.

Currently we are looking for assistance to optimize the layout of our channels, get thoughts regarding potential community activities, help with watching over the chat, and general community engagement. Contact a staff member if interested in joining our team!

Everyone is Welcome to Join!

It is completely up to you if you wish to simply join us to have conversations about the games you are interested in, find friends to play with, or be the person who engages with everyone they meet in the community. Be sure to check our rules as they are mostly basic, but they help to ensure that everyone who stops by has a positive experience.

I hope to see plenty of you join our ranks! Until then, See you on the other side!


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