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FOOL'S PARADISE - Demo Released

All men must decide whether to carry or cage their own shadow - fools who venture to do both are bound to go mad

About the Game

Fool’s Paradise is a satirical horror visual novel with romantic elements established by the diverse and dedicated ant colony of DEADline Studios.


Invited by a stranger to join Fool’s Paradise, a so-called “safe haven of acceptance”, you find yourself living among an eccentric cast of characters. You figure that like you, they were also lured in by the promise to live unapologetically as themselves. Seeking a sense of community without conformity, you do your best to contribute to the commune.

But even in paradise, it seems, competition and contempt lurk about.


Life is made up of difficult choices. No matter where you go, that truth remains the same. So, when confronted by division and derision, will you change the status quo or are you content to let it crumble?


- 6 Love Interests (Romance is Optional)

- Customizable Pronouns and Name

- ~50k Words, with approximately 2-3 hours of playtime

- Your Choices Matter: the Fate of The Commune and All Those Within it Rests In Your Hands

***Full Game Release Content***

- 4 Core Conclusions with 24+ Mixed endings

- Story filled, Multimedia Minigames

Upcoming Content

FOOL’S PARADISE released its demo for the first time on Monday, February 26th. The demo is available digitally on Steam |

The demo spans the first nine days of Act I. It introduces players to the commune and the casual chaos they are destined to be wrapped into.

The remainder of Act I is still in development, to be released in Q2 2024, alongside a Kickstarter launch.

About the Developer

DEADline Studios is the passion project of ambitious neophytes seeking to shake up industry norms. As a small POC and Queer-owned studio, our humble ant colony seeks to relay stories about just what it means to be human and dive deeper into the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.



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