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TalesShop Latest Release - The Lament of a Lifeless Star

Game Name: The Lament of a Lifeless Star 

Developer: Talesshop Co., Ltd

Release Date: January 16th 2024

Platforms: Steam

Languages: English, Korean

The Lament of a Lifeless Star

Our latest translated translated game is out now on Steam!

A remake of a classic TalesShop visual novel!

  • Full HD visuals, updated audio and modern UI

  • New English translation from Pulse and 5 additional episodes!

  • Play through 10 hours of struggle as Art tries to make sense of this destroyed world alongside Rami and the maid robot Mirona!


1) A compelling and touching story by Workingdog, writer of popular visual novels like My Girlfriend is a Mermaid!? and Dead End 99%

2) Adorable character art and CG work by shnva (Shinova), also known for her work on My Girlfriend is a Mermaid!? and Dead End 99%

3) Fully voiced by professional voice actresses

4) A hearty story, clocking in at 8 to 10 hours

New features for this version:

* Images have been scaled up to Full HD (1920x1080)

* Original sound quality ( 44.1khz 320kbps )

* 5 new EXTRA episodes added to celebrate the release to PC

* A new UI (user interface) just for this PC version


— Is there anything more precious than this world?

This world may have already collapsed...

But that allowed us to meet once more.

Follow the story of the imprisoned Rami, the robot maid Mirona...

And Art, our lone survivor.

They have no hope.

They have no responsibilities.

As their feet lead them on a journey...

They happen upon the secret of how this world was destroyed.

Let us hope they find true happiness!

Get it today on Steam!


Korean indie company, creating visual novels with rich stories since 2016.

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