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AUR Meowsic - "Re-boot"

Hello there, AUR here again. With another song for you!

"Re-boot" which is a Future Riddim/Cinematic song. Is an exclusive release on WatchMojo's label which incorporates sci-fi sound design with a melodic aspect of overall theme, with its atmosphere, futuristic basses and my signature AI vocal processing. If you're into sci-fi music this one's for you ;)

What I Make Well, to put it simply, I make most EDM genres that I hear somewhere and get a liking to, and then I try to imitate that genre in my own ways by experimenting, and sometimes I end up with new genres I invent in the process. And I have done at least 47 genres at the moment in my last two years of career as a music artist.

My Other Music I'll be posting here more and let you all have a taste of some of my stuff, that I think is worth the attention of the community. I hope this one is to your liking and hope to see you again very soon!

Until then take care and stay safe <3

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