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AUR Meowsic - "Blinded"

Hello there, AUR here. I'm a new artist to the Sinical Network Community and I make music. First of all, let's get to know me and my taste.

There's a variety of music genres I like, from Pop to EDM to even sub genres of EDM which I'm sure are more than 300 distinct types.

For now, let's start with only one of my recent releases called "Blinded" which is a Slap House/ Future Garage song. I've worked hard and tried my best to incorporate atmospheric vibe and huge vocal presence in the entire track with some hard-hitting slapper drops for the listener to dig in and enjoy!~

What I Make Well, to put it simply, I make most EDM genres that I hear somewhere and get a liking to, and then I try to imitate that genre in my own ways by experimenting, and sometimes I end up with new genres I invent in the process. And I have done at least 47 genres at the moment in my last two years of career as a music artist.

My Music I'll be posting here more and more from now on and let you all have a taste of some of my stuff, that I think is worth the attention of the community. I hope this one is to your liking and hope to see you again very soon!

Until then take care and stay safe <3

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