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AUR Meowsic - "Insko - Nothing I've Felt Before (AUR Remix)"

Hello there, AUR here again. With another song for you

"Insko - Nothing I've Felt Before (AUR Remix)" which is a Melodic Dubstep/Hands Up song. Is a remix of a song from a friend of mine where he started a remix competition and I had to compete and made this remix in a day just before the deadline, the remix incorporates Atmospheric sound design with a melodic bass aspect in the overall theme, with its atmosphere, warm basses, Garage Reeses and AUR's signature Melodic Dubstep drop style. If you're into atmospheric, EDM, dubstep and melodic music, this one's for you ;)

What I Make Well, to put it simply, I make most EDM genres that I hear somewhere and get a liking to, and then I try to imitate that genre in my own ways by experimenting, and sometimes I end up with new genres I invent in the process. And I have done at least 48 genres at the moment in my last two years of career as a music artist.

My Other Music I'll be posting here more and let you all have a taste of some of my stuff, that I think is worth the attention of the community. I hope this one is to your liking and hope to see you again very soon!

Until then take care and stay safe <3


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