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Witch on the Holy Night - Review

Apologies for the lack of romance to this tale

London Bridge is Broken Down Broken Down Broken Down

In the late 1980s, there are two witches who live on the top of a mansion. Aoko Aozaki is someone who can use magic and also lives with Alice Kuonji, who is part of the Kuonji family, and she serves as Aoko’s teacher in that regard. Aoko is woken up early one day when she wants to sleep in, is called to go to school, and shows Soujuurou Shizuki around. Soujuurou used to live in a rural location and is trying to adjust to modern society and feels confused sometimes at the differences.

Trust and Faith are Two Very Different Things


A fantastic story that is sure to keep your interest

Wonderful characters that are all likable

Amazing animation that is breathtaking to witness

Pleasent soundtrack that is soothing to listen to

Beautiful art style that is amazing to look at


There are a few grammatical issues

If Vampires were Not Enough to Scare You, Ghosts were Known to Appear on Certain Nights

If you wanted to me to describe the entire story for Witch on The Holy Night, that would be “fantastic”. I have played through many visual novels in my time, and not once have I ever been truly invested in its story as much as I have been with this one. Everything about it feels special to me. Instead of showing off characters and having a text box, Type-Moon makes it so the dialog takes up the whole screen while showing us the images of the characters. While it may not seem much at first, I like this approach, it feels unique. I have never played any of Type Moon's visual novels so that’s why I am mentioning it here. Witch On The Holy Night is more of a kinetic visual novel, so there are no dialog choices. Except for this one segment but that part is not in the main story.

The characters are the bread and butter of the story and I never found a character I never liked, all of them had charm and personality. Aoko Aozaki is the main character and someone who I generally enjoyed as a character, she is free-spirited but aloof and clumsy. However, Aoko is also someone who you don’t want to mess with.

Soujuurou Shizuki is someone who has lived in the forest for his whole life and is very new to the technology of the 1980s. Although he is an exceedingly kind person that anyone can have a good relationship with. He also said that he has learned to fight bears in the mountains. He is forced to adjust to human society and learn its ropes to try and fit in with everyone else, this makes him awkward on occasions, which is something I can relate to.

My favorite character has to be Alice Kuonji and when I say she is my favorite, I could make an entire review on the character alone. Alice is a witch who is teaching Aoko how to use her magic and is a close friend to her. She also uses her very own magic in a highly creative way by using magic from fairy tales. Although Alice herself tends to rather be on her own and does not like anyone in particular, except for a few people. Alice also has a pet blue robin, which will sometimes talk, a lot.

There are a few other characters that are worth mentioning but that will take some time for me to explain them all and I would be spoiling the story. I recommend that you go through the visual novel yourself and experience it. There is even an Archive mode where you can view other stories or learn info about the world, which is something I did enjoy.

The animation is something I do have to talk about as well, there are only a few fight scenes in the visual novel, but they were animated beautifully. Even when there were none, I was also impressed by how well put together the visual novel was. It’s possibly the best animation I have seen so far for a visual novel, and I just had to talk about it from here.

On Moonless Nights, You Must Never Look Back

The art style is another thing that I have to give props to as well, it’s very beautiful, I loved how Type-Moon did the night skies. I have played through many visual novels in my time but I have never seen one as impressive as this one. I tested the game on an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad-Core Processor 3.50, and 16 GB of RAM, I had no issues while I was playing through it.

The only issue that I really came across is that there are some typos that I encountered but that’s really it.

Once long ago, I saw a beautiful bird fly overheard

Witch On The Holy Night is a fantastic visual novel and one of the best ones that I myself have read. You don’t even have to be an expert on the Fate universe to go and read this wonderfully crafted story. As a matter of fact, if you are someone who is not a big fan of visual novels and you want to at least try one once in a while, this one will be just fine for you. I myself have always wanted to play the earlier visual novels from Type-Moon due to them being one of those old-style types that I love to go through.

I would recommend getting Witch On The Holy Night at full price, it's honesty a quality visual novel that I think can be worth it. Although waiting for a sale is not a bad idea either if you are a little skeptical but I would still recommend you try it out for yourself anyway.


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