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Wanting Wings - Review

Wanting Wings is a Visual Novel developed by BaseSon and Published by MangaGamer.

A curator review made by Visual Novel, JRPG, Anime Group

Seiyou Girl's Academy is an academy that possesses a strange rumor. Angel sightings seem to be a frequent story told among the students. Three Girls, coming from different families with their own personalities join this academy in Spring and begin to share a room at the school dorm together. Hina, Fumi, and Rin do share one similarity though, they all saw an Angel in their past.

The three girls each have different experiences with an angel that they came in contact with.

Hina tends to play a lot with a toy camera ever since she happened to snap an angel in a photo with it when she was a little kid.

Fumi met an angel who ate a strawberry from her cake.

Rin seems to be more hesitant to share the details of her experience, but does acknowledge that she also saw an angel.

Knowing this, all three girls suspect that their roommates might be the angel they saw in their childhood. This is also what leads many students to enroll Seiyou Academy.

With this situation, they all have something in common, they all are "special" and this is what Sachiko, their dorm manager sensed over these girls.

In the process of finding themself, they also discover new feelings for each other, which lets them experience new sensations they never felt before. They will discover the weight of their upcoming responsibilities, happiness, and sadness. How will their future evolve? Will the Angels stand by their side? True love, which threatens to be torn apart.


The story is presented through four different routes with only the first is playable initially. The other routes are unlocked depending on the choices you make in the previous story.

These choices allow you to discover more about the girls such as their personalities, hobbies, and will also trigger special events that include a bit of humor and passion. These also show deeper emotions of the girl's past.

Once all four routes have been completed, you will be welcomed to a new interface that offers a second part for each route that you can complete to further explain the story and develop the characters. This provides an even deeper emotional experience that is well executed.

Visuals and Sound

Artwork for the character sprites and CG scenes are top notch, all drawn well and very detailed.

The character sprites have a multitude of different poses showing various reactions that help match each sprite appropriately to the situation of the scene.

All characters are fully voiced except the narration of one of the characters who is unable to give voice to her words until a certain point in the story. We are given a few music titles that really put your mind at ease, mostly made up of piano, with some titles featuring different instruments. There is even a full list of songs available as extra content with all the music titles, the CGs, and even the NSFW scenes (if you download the free nsfw patch on the MangaGamer store page).

Final Thoughts

Wanting Wings is one of the easiest-to-read visuals I've experienced up to this point. For newcomers in the genre, I can highly recommend this title as it contains a rollercoaster of emotions, properly balancing everything from compassion to happiness, from love to sadness, and from friendship to loneliness. You will be touched by your connection to the characters in this story.

This is not a super long visual novel as the story stays mostly to the point and doesn't stray very often with unnecessary words. The story is worth experiencing, and I had a lot of fun reading it, so much I couldn't wait to continue playing to find out how the story concluded.

The characters' traits are very absolutely fantastic! The voices and music match perfectly the theme and we have some very beautiful CGs. The only shortcoming I would have to mention is (which was possibly not avoidable with the story build), that some parts of the stories were the same in each route.

At the end of the story, you will be left to your own thoughts about the existence of angels.

Do you believe in Angels? I can only say, I do, and this story puts this subject perfectly on display.

This visual Novel can be found on MangaGamer and Steam.



Thats looks good as most VNs from BaseSon,but much expensive in BRL ¬¬


Yes even on Mangagamer it is quite expensiv. If it wouldn't have been as packed in emotions i problaly wouldn't recomment it for the full price but instead waiting at least a 50%sale.

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