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Wanting Wings - Review

We would like to thank the developers for providing us with a free copy for review


Hina Nstsume, Rin Ogata, and Fumi Asou are three girls who have been roommates since spring and have gotten comfortable living together. They go to a school called Seiyou Girls Academy, where there are rumors of there being an angel. All three of these girls have had different upbringings, as well as having very different personalities. However, they do each share one common thing, they each saw an Angel when they were younger.

They soon start to realize, that the angel in question, could be one of their roommates.

Pros and Cons


*Cute story with a few different routes

*Two VN’s in one package, Wanting Wings and its sequel Faraway Feathers

*Very nice and colorful art style


*The price is a little too high for the amount of content provided


You will mainly follow the events of the VN from the perspective of Hina, Rin, and Fumi and their daily lives at the school they reside in. They each have different personalities which make them stand out from each other. Hina will listen to music and say the words Nya Nya Nya because she does not understand the song lyrics because it’s in English. Rin likes to read books but also tends to stay up late and has a hard time getting out of bed. Fumi is a sweet girl who cooks for the girls, her dad owns a bakery.

Of course, the three characters have more to their personalities that make them shine, it’s just those three things that stand out the most.

Eventually, all three come across a feather and now all three try to figure out where it came from and who this angel could be.

One of my favorite aspects of the visual novel is when the characters go over their differences in what their hobbies are. The characters will have a moment with each other to discuss these hobbies and grow as a character. They do of course attend a school, where they must prepare for upcoming exams. They are also figuring out how to deal with each other's struggles and how they overcome them. There are multiple routes in the first game and your choices on what you do, will have an impact on which characters end up together.

Since this is a Yuri VN, there are moments where the characters will have moments together as well. They also deal with some struggles in their relationship, while they try to understand the love that they have for each other.

There is one other character who goes by the name of Sachiko Tahaoka and she knows all three of the girls. Although she only appears in a few scenes as she is a side character, she will contribute to some heavy plot points in the story.

One thing I should mention is that Wanting Wings comes with not one but two visual novels, its sequel Faraway Feathers is also included. Wanting Wings takes place during the Christmas season, while Fareway Feathers takes place during Valentine’s Day. So, you get two visual novels in one package and it also has an 18+ patch. Both games can be played and enjoyed without the patch, I did just that.

Graphics and Performance

The art style for the visual novel is beautiful, it’s very nice and colorful and very well presented and I loved the backgrounds. I tested the game on an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad-Core Processor 3.50, and 16 GB of RAM, I experienced no issues while I was playing and low-end computers should be able to run it perfectly.

Final Verdict

Wanting Wings is a very fun cute visual novel that I recommend for fans of the Yuri genre. With that being said, I can’t recommend it at full price, costing $44.99 CDN and while you do get two visual novels in one, at most, you can complete them both in just a few hours. So, because of that alone, I recommend the visual novel more on a sale than anything, I’d say if you can find it at around $22 CDN, it could be worth it. Waiting on a sale would be my overall suggestion.


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