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Mirror 2 Console Edition - Available on PS5

We finally made it to the PS5 console!!! As the Internet says, "LET'S GO BOYS!!!"

Mirror 2: Project X has cleared all of Sony's audits and is now available on the PS5 platform, currently titled Mirror 2 - Console Edition on the PlayStation store page.

Did Sony hit us with the censorship hammer... well yes, but only slightly as this is not an adult nsfw game in the first place. Let's just assume that our epic English translation by woosk pushed us across the finish line~

Moving to the console space will hopefully allow a new audience that isn't hell bent on demanding nsfw content the opportunity to experience all the wonderful girls in the Mirror universe. Mirror 2 - Console edition brings a premium Match-3 product to the Sony catalogue that will no doubt please gamers who enjoy games featuring cute and beautiful waifus.

Mirror 2 Console Edition - Available now on the PlayStation Game Store

Currently on sale if you have PlayStation Plus for $6.99 or $9.99 as the standard price.

The Sinical Network handled the English translation for both the Steam and new PS5 version.

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TITLE: Mirror 2 - Console Edition

Platform: PlayStation 5

GENRE: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access

DEVELOPER: Hong Kong Sakura Game Limited

PUBLISHER: Hong Kong Sakura Game Limited


TRANSLATOR: Sinical Network

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