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KAKU: Ancient Seal - Winter Update

Embark on an exciting and updated winter adventure with our limited-time discount!

BINGOBELL is thrilled to announce an exhilarating update for the action-adventure masterpiece, KAKU: Ancient Seal. Get ready for an immersive journey into The Winter Adventure Mode, adding a festive touch to the Elemental Land. At the same time, on December 11th at 10:00 AM (PST), 'KAKU: Ancient Seal' will kick off a limited-time discount, offering a historic 25% off.

To add an extra layer of holiday cheer, "KAKU: Ancient Seal" will unveil a Winter Adventure mode. From the moment the sale kicks off, players can enjoy:

Festive Island Atmosphere

Witness a magical transformation of in-game floating islands, immersed in a winter wonderland with a Christmas ambiance.

Winter Exclusive Side Quests

Engage in special winter-themed side quests, offering limited-time weapons and equipment as rewards for those daring enough to complete them.

Surprises and More

Brace yourself for unexpected surprises and gifts as part of the Winter Special Event, making the season of discounts, Christmas, and New Year's celebrations even more memorable.

Share the news with your gaming comrades and friends, and don't miss this golden opportunity to join Kaku on an unforgettable winter adventure. "KAKU: Ancient Seal" promises a journey filled with mystery, challenges, and the joy of the season!

Responding to player feedback, BINGOBELL is also actively reworking the main characters of KAKU, addressing the desire for a more mature protagonist. Teasing an exciting Arena mode on their Twitter, the developers continue to demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Get ready to dive into the winter magic with Kaku – the epic adventure begins!

Discount duration: December 11th at 10:00am PST to December 18th at 10:00am PST Additionally, 'KAKU: Ancient Seal' will be part of the Steam Winter Sale – stay tuned for more details!

Game Introduction

KAKU: Ancient Seal is an open world ARPG game. players in the role of Kaku who’s tasked with going on a journey across a sprawling continent to restore balance to the land. Accompanied by your pet pig, you’ll have to brave the four elemental regions to solve mysterious puzzles and conquer their lords.

Creative Combat

Find your own fighting style with a variety of skills and equipment. Use an arsenal of swords, shields, and ranged weapons to defeat your enemies. Upgrade your abilities for more powerful attacks. KAKU: Ancient Seal allows freedom of expression to create your own road to victory!

Open World

Wind, fire, water, and earth make up the cornerstones of this ancient land. Traverse four regions based on these, including a gloomy swamp, frozen tundra, surging magma volcano, and a desert wasteland.

Puzzle Solving

Throughout the continent there are underground ruins begging to be uncovered. Filled with ancient mechanisms, these labyrinths will test your wits as you use your powers - and pet pig - to unlock their mysteries.


Shenzhen Bingo Culture Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "BINGOBELL") was established in 2016. We look at the global market and create creative games that can be played by players of all ages. This is the positioning of our game products, creating multi-platform games and IP derivatives that are more suitable for a wide range of players.

We gather with the same passion for games and work hard to realize the common dream in our hearts. "Brave, energetic, and dreamy" is what we strive to be and has allowed BINGOBELL to keep moving forward. "Simple, Integrity, Innovation" is our proud corporate culture.

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