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Grobda Remix - Review

Grobda Remix is a Romantic/Comedy Visual Novel developed by C.U.M.原创游戏, 幽兰工坊 and SakuraGame.The plot is focused on the research of a wandering musician, Kotogo Takazawa, who is searching for the most beautiful melody and how this research will lead him to an experience that will change his life.

The game has a length of around 10 hours for the common route and 4-5 hours for the two specific routes, with a total of three different endings.

Plot & Characters

The plot is pretty good, with a mixture of comedy and romance and a bit of tragedy ensuring you see a variety of emotions/events throughout.

The story manages to keep your attention and doesn't let it go during the many plot twists.

Not only will you discover the background stories of each main character piece by piece, but you’ll also be able to see the main character's feelings and thoughts develop as the story goes on.

As for the characters themselves, every main character has an interesting back story which is well developed, though sadly some minor characters seem to be rushed as they don’t have any important impact on the main plot.

Personally, I enjoyed the story since it manages to balance the funny moments with the romantic moments without getting boring. I would have preferred some parts of the story to be explained better, but overall I really loved this novel and would happily replay it again.

One last note about the characters, as I said before, the main characters are well developed but I noticed some of them did not appear as many times as the others which is a shame as they were interesting enough that I was left wanted to know more about them.

Audio & OST

The game is fully voiced in Japanese with every character being voiced, even the minor ones! The quality is on the higher end with different situations being expressed with a suitable tone of voice.

The OST is a pure masterpiece with every track being capable of touching your heart.

The back ground music (BGM) is also well-made. It is very pleasant to listen to and combined with the sound effects it manages to fit to every situation appropriately.

Vocal Tracks are also present, and I must admit that I would never get tired of them since they are a joy for your ears (My Favorite is Shining Journey).

Backgrounds and Graphic

The graphical quality of the backgrounds and main character sprites are at a high level.

This is nice to see in comparison to the quality from other visual novels in this price range.

One of the features that I enjoy is that the character’s faces change depending on the situation they are involved in so you could say that in a way they are dynamic.

For every chapter you clear you’ll have a background image that can also switch following the time of the game (an example is that one of these images is set first at afternoon and few second after it evolves in evening).

On a sad note, the minor characters do not have sprites so you can only imagine how they look like from the descriptions.

This is disappointing, but the side characters do not have enough impact on the main story to really affect your experience in a negative manner.


Regarding localization, the languages available are Chinese and Japanese for the Interface with Japanese for Voice, and Subtitles. With that said, I have great news!

Thanks to the great amount of effort from Woosk with the support of other members of our Steam group and the Sinical Network, (links below) we finally have a High Quality fan made translation in English for the subtitles and main menu.

Now everyone will be able to enjoy this little pearl of a game!


Woosk has also made a guide for the game which gives a detailed explanation of every main character in the game and a summary of the plot. A download link for the fan made translation is included in this guide.


Story: 9/10


Graphic: 9/10

Final Score: 9


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