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Jenny LeClue Detectivu - Review

Jenny LeClue - Detectivu is the result of a very promising and successful crowdfunding project, one that hasn’t finished yet. The current goal aims to produce the second and third episode, in order to finally release the complete game and even aim at a console port.

As you may have guessed by now, the current game is in fact the first episode. This alone doesn’t state much since it’s a 10 hour game, therefore calling it episodic may not be appropriate, however, before you continue, please know the game is “To be continued”. The final chapter in this episode ends in a total cliffhanger, one I can’t wait to continue!

Jenny LeClue - Detectivu is a fantastic game and for mystery fans, it’s a game which one should not miss. The storyline is simple, but well worked to a point where it becomes better with each hour that passes. Without including spoilers, it’s one of those stories that you’ll never guess what is going to happen as you dive into the game. There’s thrill, mystery, crime, conspiracy theories, and it’s all perfectly mixed.

The narrative and dialogues are charming and well developed, making the game addictive like a book, even for those who do not enjoy reading. Interactions between Jenny and the narrator are amazing and completely add a new perspective to the whole game. The humour between the lines, the twists and the improbable, but charismatic events will make you laugh and feel touched at the same time.

The mystery takes on the gameplay with substance, almost like an extension of curiosity itself. Players control Jenny in a 2D environment, like as in a cartoon where scenarios and characters are made with paper. Interacting with objects and solving puzzles almost seems identical to a Point & Click adventure game, but when played, it feels unique and not something that simply emulates other games.

I personally suppose it works well for mobile and will seemingly work fantastic on consoles. The puzzles are simple, nothing fancy or over complicated. The whole point of entertaining is not through harsh puzzles, but instead, relying on their creation and genuity. Eventually puzzles or mini-games become repetitive such as connecting wired dots or putting together scraps of paper like a jigsaw puzzle. In the end they do work well and are fun to complete, without making you feel exhausted.

The most fantastic, unique, and pleasant mechanic in the game is clearly the Investigations where young Jenny observes a scene and analyzes the clues. Although they are scripted and part of the story, players will analyze evidence, people, and objects by moving freely and spotting areas of interest. When all clues are gathered it’s also up to you to place the evidence together in order to find answers. This mechanic is awesome and super fun.

Visually Jenny LeClue is a hand-made wander, with beautiful colors and the perfect atonement of vibrant and deep pigmentation contrasts. From the saturated sunsets, to the deep absorbing green of the woods, it’s all fantastically well colored. In a way, reminds me of children's books and how they put great effort to visually captivate the younger audience.

Music is mostly atmospheric and in that regard, it’s perfect for adding a thrilling vibe to each area. Sound effects are pretty good and I can only imagine how good they would have been to have Jenny LeClue completely voiced-over. Unfortunately and due to probably time and money restrains, the developers opted for a simpler way. Each character will emit an expressive sound, almost like a voice but at the same time not understandable. It blends well with the narrative, but would have been a fantastic addition to have a cast.

A story about family, friends, and hopes. Jenny will search and investigate until she finds the truth, about her family and the strange town she lives in. A video-game for all ages, with identity and is highly recommended.

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