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Lucy Got Problems - Review

Game cover artwork from Flat Chest Dev's Patreon page

Lucy Got Problems is a fantasy visual novel with adult yuri content by Flat Chest Dev that features an all-female cast of characters with a succubus named Lucia Taura Libertina Donna Ida Margherita an-Horn Ferr (Lucy for short) as the protagonist. Lucy is a scout for the Legion of Darkness under the command of a demon high priestess Tiamat.

Story Tiamat entrusts Lucy with a mission to retrieve an orb inside a magical forest. Being airheaded, Lucy can barely remember her instructions as she is more interested in seeing Tiamat's panties and stumbles around in the forest. Depending on player choices, she will encounter two female elf guardians, as well as other various supporting characters and creatures along the way.

As a comedy visual novel with ecchi fan service or adult content (an uncensored patch for the Steam version is available at the developer's Patreon webpage), the scriptwriter is quite imaginative, with numerous spoofs on various modern pop culture.

A good example of this is during a lewd scene with a woman who makes a joke about censorship in Steam. The windows will pixelate and apply full mosaic censorship on the entire CG that will result in a Game Over, but you get a Steam achievement in the Steam version of this game. xD

Some additional parts of the storyline, dialogue, CGs and achievements can only be unlocked after playing the game more than once and playing the game at harder difficulty modes. There will be more early bad endings, tragicomic endings and a secret unlockable harem ending as the best ending in the game. These increase the replayability value of this game and encourage players to replay this game more than once to unlock all CGs and achievements.

I would have liked Lucy to have more consistency as an airheaded and lewd protagonist to bring out more of the humor, where she can have lewd thoughts on a few characters, yet she can also behave normally under different situations with the same character. From one ending, I also do hope there will be a sequel or side-story for this game in future.

Visuals The artwork and background music for Lucy Got Problems are fantastic. There is a variety of great, cute and funny CGs that brings out the humour of this game. The developer seems to be mindful of different player needs and have implemented a handy Streamer mode toggle option at the game options menu that will automatically censor out the adult content even after the uncensored patch is installed into the game.

The visual novel has up to 62 BGM tracks from PeriTune altogether which contain a mix of pleasant, comical, stirring, and sinister music to match the different scenes throughout the story. There are also cute and attractive artwork in the game artwork cover, Steam achievements, emoticons, and profile backgrounds to showcase on your profile.

Final thoughts After only taking a bit over 4 hours to fully unlock all the CGs and achievements in the game, I can still recommend purchasing Lucy Got Problems as long as there is an attractive sale going on. Currently, the full price for this visual novel doesn't meet my expectations of how much content is provided per hour played.

At the same time, the game is a cute and entertaining comedy with quality artwork (ecchi fan service/adult content), and matching background music. The protagonist also feels endearing as a mostly comedic character with comical facial expressions and emotes who has a chance to be a heroine.

Replaying the game to reach the secret harem ending and completing the remaining achievements feels fun and satisfying which makes this game stand out as a fantasy and comedic visual novel. I hope to see this developer produce more funny, entertaining, and imaginative visual novels in future.

Gameplay videos on YouTube by Ross Senpai

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