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Aozora Meikyuu

Aoi Takamatsu is like any other highschool student, who every day has to set himself out in the world, while facing that pain in his heart… It’s love, and it strikes heavier when his crush passes right in front of his eyes,

One day, he gathers enough courage to tell her, to finally confess his feelings towards Misaki.

She bluntly rejects him, and it’s obvious Takamatsu didn’t expect it… After all, they used to speak frequently through text messages. All the pain he ever felt, hit him, with full force, almost like an ice stalagmite, piercing his whole body, and leaving nothing behind but coldness…

Ever since that day, Takamatsu never went back to school, or spoke to any of his friends. Eventually time just went by, and years made a hermit out of him, but a modern one.

Living alone and surviving based on his parent's allowance, Takamatsu only leaves his house for groceries, and every now and then to pick his favorite adult visual novels at the local video game store.

(Did you know? Although the Steam version of the game is censored, the Itch one is already patched!)

In one of those days, his life changes forever, as he goes out to finally buy the anticipated platinum box of Plus love H+. Returning home, after the usual weird and strange looks that surrounding people gave at him, Aoi can’t wait to get home, and finally play his day 1 edition, but all of the sudden, he hears screams. Screams from a girl, but he can’t really see where the screams are coming from… When he does, it’s too late, as a naked girl falls into his arms.

All of the sudden, Aoi is standing near the entrance of his house, with a naked girl right in front of him, and this time it’s not a 2D girl!

So it starts Aozora Meikyuu, the story of Aoi Takamatsu, a simple young man who shuts himself off from the world, until the day a mysterious girl falls from the sky, naked and straight into his arms. Her name is Sora, Sora-chan!

Due to her persistence, Aoi accepts her inside his house, dresses her and feeds her. But she’s still as mysterious as ever. Who is this outlandish girl that by some reason shows tremendous affection towards Aoi? Is she an angel who wants to show Aoi he is capable of true love? Or a succubus demon straight from hell to suck Aoi’s soul?

Aozora Meikyuu is the first game created and published by Yume Creations, and it’s the first game from the Sora series, in which their only other game (up to this present date) is related to the mentioned series.

A short visual novel, that can be completed in an hour, portraits a very funny and entertaining plot, with two main characters and a third secondary one, that conflicts directly with the player’s choices along the game.

A story of self-redemption, located in a small Japanese town, where our protagonist will learn to live, but more importantly, he will learn to fall in love again, and this time for a 3D girl. During such events, the player will go out on dates, each with its very own dose of humour and some great events that will leave you giggling every now and then!

Artistically, Aozora Meikyuu is presented in an anime-like style, with its own direction and not deeply pretentious, but instead, stretching a more simplistic art, with basic backgrounds.

The entire artwork is exclusive and can be unlocked at the in-game’s gallery! Most hardcore fans can rest, as this one has an official patch to include nudity, through the official Publisher Website.

Although the adult patch doesn’t add that much nudity, it offers a handful of scenes with extra content, and barely any dialogue unfortunately.

Technically, Aozora Meikyuu works just like your typical Visual Novel, but with a slight change… Decisions in choices are time-limited, which means, the player has a certain amount of time to select his choice. This is a rarely seen method of creating a thrilling scenario, but at the same time, we welcome it taking in consideration the stressful situations surrounding our protagonist.

There’s one good ending, revealing the true identity of Sora-chan, while the other possible endings are not so good, even to a point where the game ends abruptly, presumably with death! It’s actually easier to accomplish the good ending, rather than any other, even if small details in choices dictates a possible bad route. There’s plenty of room for failure, and regarding it, Aozora Meikyuu is pretty forgiving compared to other games.

Original soundtrack is also present, with nice fluid electronic tunes, to go along with easy and hip melodies depending on the scenes. The changes are smooth and usually represent each scene perfectly well! The soundtrack is not available as a stand-alone purchase, and it’s not accessible within game files either!

For anyone wondering, yes, Aozora Meikyuu has Achievements, or should I say, only one; where is required the player to start the game for the very first time! Steam Trading cards are available and that’s always a plus in our book!

But if that’s not enough to convince you, what about a Dakimakura of Sora-chan? Now that’s fan-service right there. It’s full HD, with 2362x7087, with 6.68MB in size, so you know it’s pure quality.

For all we know, one could professionally print a real Dakimakura of Sora-chan, and would be pretty comfortable! (And cute)

The game succeeds in presenting a somehow short story, but not exceptionally predictable, in which most Visual Novel fans can enjoy.

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, Aozora Meikyuu is a perfect Visual Novel for anyone getting into this genre, as more demanding fans may end up somehow disappointed by the short in-game hours.

Video Walkthrough of Happy Ending;

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