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You Wanna Keep An Eye On These E3 Games...

First On Our List Is Cyberpunk 2077 which left many fans celebrating its Tease On Twitter A While Ago. The Game has attracted many people due to its amazing mechanics and story, and I don't think you should leave it out of your Steam wishlist!. I had never heard of cyberpunk before now and when I first saw it, I fell in love with it and I hope I can play it in the near future!

Second is Assassin's Creed which is the latest of the creed games from Ubisoft and is set in Ancient Roman Times. It seems to have a roman fighting system and an interesting storyline which I personally can't wait to see. The storyline given by ubisoft is always amazing and I dont expect less this year! whenever I play the creed series I always learn something and I am hoping I learn something this time around

Number Three is Days Gone, A Zombie Action Game About a man named Deacon St. John in an apocalypse trying to survive, The game takes place 2 years after the pandemic that wiped most of the population. The game was teased in 2016 and now has been revealed to be a PS4 Exclusive. This Game Is Something I Personally Love because zombies is apart of my childhood and always will be!

Speaking Of PS4 Exclusives, We have The Last Of Us Part II, The Last Of Us Was revered as an amazing game with a great storyline and this seems to be no different. You Play As Ellie in part two and the game has new stealth mechanics and dodge buttons with a multiplayer feature being developed!. The Last Of Us had me emotionally invested in the story before the 5th mission and i hope to see that in the next movie with my main man Joel!

Last but not least we have Tom Clancy's The Division 2,Ubisoft Dropped the original a few years ago and it was not as expected and lost a large fanbase but after a year they made up for it and regained many of their fans, the division community believes Ubisoft has learned from their mistakes and can make this game better than the last with its story continuing in Washington DC, with the original idea of creating your own character. This game speaks to me because i love everything from the tactics and weapons, to mechanics and PVP.

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