Little Busters! English Edition Review

This 7th visual novel release on Steam by VisualArt's and Key features a group of teenage students Riki Naoe, Kyousuke Natsume, Rin Natsume, Masato Inohara and Kengo Miyazawa who are very close childhood friends with Riki as the protagonist.

One day, Kyousuke decides to come up with a fun and interesting activity - to form an amateur baseball team Little Busters to replace the school's former baseball club which had disbanded and left behind an entire assortment of baseball equipment in the former club's activity room. Kyousuke entrusts Riki and Rin to recruit more members.

Riki will get to know several female schoolmates Komari Kamikita, Yuiko Kurugaya, Kudryavka Noumi(Kud), Mio Nishizono and Haruka Saigusa from a neighbouring class where they will take an interest in Riki's kind and helpful nature as well as the friendship and team spirit exhibited by the Little Busters' regular baseball practice and join the Little Busters on a different day each. Riki will also get to know additional characters Kanata Futaki as the school's head prefect, Sasami Sasasegawa as the captain of the girl's softball team, an unnamed female dorm head, Kud's pet friends and the school's guard dogs Strelka and Belka, Rin's multiple pet cats and a giant cat Dorj. After a baseball match against the captain of 9 different clubs, Riki might start on a romance route with a female member of the Little Busters or pass out from his narcolepsia. Upon completing a route and starting a new game on a subsequent playthrough, all members of the Little Busters would mysteriously start with higher attributes which would make it easier for Riki to win at Battle Rankings, Rin to complete missions and for the Little Busters to win at the baseball match. Along the way, some things will also change which add mystery, supernatural and parody elements to this visual novel.

After reaching the required endings for each female member of the Little Busters, the New Game option at the title screen will be replaced by a Refrain option. In Refrain, Riki will have nightmares of a bus accident and be in an alternative world. As Riki tries to find out what happened, each childhood friend's past along with their motivations and actions in Refrain will be revealed gradually over 5 episodes.

The title screen will change after completing Refrain and some additional dialogue options and endings with a Little Busters member will be unlocked where Riki might have feelings of deja vu during certain scenes and events, more wisdom in his dialogue options with certain characters and also unexpected plot twists to bring out the supernatural and parody elements in the story.

In addition, Riki will start to see a different side of Kanata, Sasami might approach Riki for help with a cat problem she is facing and Riki might also encounter a secret agent posing as a schoolgirl Saya Tokido who is hunting the Darkness Executives and a treasure hidden somewhere in an underground maze complex beneath the school which add additional minigames, romance, supernatural and thriller to the story.

The common route will take approximately 10-20 hours while each character route and Refrain storyline will take approximately 4-6 hours (9 romance options altogether with Rin, Komari, Yuiko, Haruka, Kud, Mio, Kanata, Sasami and Saya). The game also has a Busterpedia which explains various Japanese terms adapted into English language, several arcade minigames which consist of 3 reaction-based/point and click action minigames and 2 minigames which have RPG mechanics and depend on luck, strategy and performance at an action minigame which award additional achievements. After spending more than 90 hours to read and listen through all routes in this visual novel, play through the arcade minigames and unlock all achievements, I decided to give a score of 10/10 and my highest recommendation on all of the following factors: Plot and character backgrounds: The story and plot is written as a romance visual novel with parody, slapstick comedy, fan service, tragedy, drama, supernatural, mystery and thriller. The English text are well-written and translated with few errors. Each main character in this visual novel has their own unique background, behaviour and relationship to the protagonist. With the long length of each character's route and in Refrain, the scriptwriter has done an excellent masterpiece in creating a detailed background of each character with interesting plot hooks and at least a tragedy in each character route and in Refrain, where reading through each route was captivating and interesting throughout all 4 hours.

Some of the characters appear to be intended for comic effect and might seem unbelievable, yet considering this is a parody game with supernatural themes, those looking for a less serious romance visual novel with plenty of humour and nice happy endings which are usually not seen in other VisualArt's and Key's visual novel titles may like it more.