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The Blind of The New World - Review


In the distant future, humanity no longer requires physical objects in their daily needs. Instead, they use Electron Comeas microchip that is placed in their eyes at birth. Morden people are able to access data from the old world with fresh, new holograms and this replaced the colorless world of tombstones and it became the new face of modern society. With that in mind, almost everyone forgot that even is a part of themselves. These holograms are also not just a visual phenomenon either, as the chips can even send electrical signals to a certain part of the body, making them a real surface as well.

However, not everyone can access the Electron Comeas and those who cannot are referred to as the blind. Researchers have theorized that it could be caused by a mental illness but a whole bunch of physical complications can trigger it as well. Blindness has been taken into the list of incurable diseases of the modern age, and the details and causes are not reported to the public. Thanks to this, anyone who has it, has to live their lives in solitude with no one knowing that they have it and not being allowed to tell others about their problem.

The blind see things that normal people with holograms don’t see. Like how the food is just all colored mush and the animals like cats and birds being machines as they clean up the messes people make and keep the grass cut.

You follow Seejay, who happens to have blindness and can’t see any of the holograms. He has special glasses that do help him see important ones, however, he gets migraines when he puts them on. He has to live without any interaction with the holograms and can’t do anything about it, which has isolated him from the rest of the world.

One day, Seejay comes across a girl named Chohyun who ends up changing his life. She knows what is behind the holograms and can relate to him in a few ways. She also got him into the classical arts club that makes art in an old-fashioned way by using brushes. However, they are the only two members of it but they manage somehow with what they have. Chohyun has also an obsession with this painting that she found that someone made and wants to know who made it.

Pros and Cons


-A very interesting story that tackles the isolation of having a disability

-Multiple choices that will lead to different endings

-Wonderful art style that is nice to look at

-Great soundtrack that I honestly loved to listen to

-Voice acting was done really well


-Chohyun is a one-dimensional character that does not develop

What I liked about the story

Having a disability is difficult for someone to deal with in life, with the many challenges that will come to them it can get stressful. The Blind of The New World puts us in the shoes of someone who has one and it manages to do it quite well. It shows us what some people have to deal with in their own world that others cannot understand.

Seejay is living in a world where no one really believes that he has a disability as he can’t tell anyone about it, never having the ability to tell anyone about his pain. This is something that I really liked, as I can relate to him in some ways with my own experiences. Being isolated from the world in a way is not easy to bear, especially at a young age it can be tough.

Anyone with the holograms will see clothing but people who are blind, will see this instead.

Problems I had with the story

Chohyun is a one-dimensional character as she does not develop in any sort of way and we never learn much to anything about her. It’s kind of hard to wrap my head around her, as she is one of the main focuses of the story as a whole. That’s not to say she is a bad character, just not a well-written one.

How the routes work

There are a total of four different endings that you can get depending on the choices you make throughout the story. Currently, there are no guides available to assist with determining which choices will lead to what ending, so I suggest to save often, just in case you decide to go for all the endings that the VN offers.

I'm sure that guides will eventually be made by fans making it much easier to achieve all the endings in the future.

Graphics, Soundtrack, and Performance

The art style that is used throughout the VN is wonderful! I really liked the scenes that were shown and I just wanted to see more. Even when the city was shown as all grey and deteriorated, it still had an art design that was nice to look at keeping a consistent vibe to the various perspectives shown to us.

The soundtrack is another thing I also enjoyed, if you do end up enjoying it as well, the OST is available for 18: 49 CDN. The voice acting was done rather well with each voice fitting the characters they were for.

The visual novel ran smoothly where I didn't experience any issues whatsoever. I tested it on an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad-Core Processor 3.50, with16 GB of RAM.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a good visual novel that has a rather interesting premise for its world and story, then I highly recommend Blind of The New World. It puts us into the shoes of someone who has a disability and the pain they have to go through.

It’s something that would be enjoyed by any fan of slice of life VN’s, as it provides just that, an experience that is interesting. As there is a Sci-Fi setting, I believe this could broaden the audience of who may also appreciate what it offers.

Thank you TALESSHOP for providing us a key so that we could take the opportunity to review


Jun 12, 2021

Looks like a more psychological melodramatic concept to me reading the review but defo interesting! I also like the artstyle that show a rather typical greyish modern world


Jun 10, 2021

This is an interesting concept and I like the art design for both the characters and background. This will be another one added to my to-play list. :)

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