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Octave - Walkthrough

Octave is just the type of game I personally love. It's an horror orientated indie, with lot's of influences of other games we know and love.

Check our full review here, and take a deep inside look of the dark and mysterious world behind this intense Point & Click.

Welcome to Octave Full Walkthrough!

Developed by one-man-team, Octave takes inspiration from Silent Hill and other horror games, to deliver a really good indie horror Point & Click. Although short, it's one of those indies which we grew fond of, back when Steam green light was popular.

Barely over 30 minutes, Octave will have us exploring a very mysterious and eerie forest, filled with symbolic abominations from another dimension.

Let's bring an end to this curse, and join us in our Walkthrough across the horror that await us on this fascinating and scary Point & Click adventure, at 4K 60FPS ULTRA HD.

Thank you for watching our Octave Full Walkthrough.

Don't forget to check our Review of the game as well.

Thank you! :D

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