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New Release: Casina A Visual Novel set in Ancient Greece

Written by the Roman comedian Plautus in 184 BC, Casina was considered one of the most famous and funny comedies in Ancient History. Casina the Visual Novel is the newest title from Neoclassic Games, brought to you in a modern and colorful way thanks to the Unity engine.


The action takes place on the streets of Athens where all the characters are Greek. The plot revolves around a beautiful girl, Casina, who is being fought over by two men. She was abandoned at the door of Lysidamus and his wife Cleostrata, and has been raised as a servant. Euthynicus, son of Lysidamus, has fallen in love with Casina and wants to marry her. As the wedding approaches, however, Lysidamus desires Casina for himself, and devises an elaborate ruse to get Euthynicus out to the country. Who will be able to marry the beautiful Casina in the end?


- Different endings (Good and Bad) + secondary dialogue choices - Fully Animated and professionally Voice Acted

- Unique character lip-syncing system - Multiple different Character Dynamic Expressions - 30+ CGS featuring Neoclassic Game's artworks - Full OST provided by the ever talented Vindsvept Fantasy Music


Trailer 1:

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