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Gyepi Twitch Moderator Applications Open

Hello, this is Gyepi, an indie EN VTuber. 🎀

I am currently looking for an available person who is willing to help my Moderator covering my Twitch chat moderation during my livestreams. So far I am working on building up my community and gradually realizing my plans coming to my project, thus, I am looking for a person who would be interested in such a chore and is willing to take it seriously.

My current Moderator is in JST timezone, ideally it would be great to find someone being able to cover CET, but anyone is welcome really!

The work involves taking care of the chat behaving according to rules and to prevent any sort of unnecessary chaos.

If you want to know more about me and what I do, you can check my socials below:

If interested and are willing to know more, feel free to reach out via Discord: @gyepi

Thank you for taking your time ✌️


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