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Girls Overboard! Talia from Future Fragments!

New Character: Talia from Future Fragments!

Are you ready for an action-packed, time-warping, super sexy adventure? Then our newest addition to the datable roster is for you! Talia from Future Fragments had a teleportation malfunction and needs your help getting back to her world!

Talia's story was co-written by the creator of Future Fragments, so if you are already a fan of FF you can expect an authentic Talia experience to enjoy. If you're not familiar with Future Fragments, then you're in for double the surprises!

New Slot Machine

The slot machine told us rewards to dole out slowly, so we said, NO! The slot machine told us to flood your box with gems, so we said, NO! The slot even told us using bait was dumb, so we said, NO! You told us to make it better, so we said, NO! Wait, no, to that we said YES! The slot machine has been completely revamped and streamlined to provide a better experience for you.

New Outfit Bundles!

We will be adding special outfit bundles to the shop that include outfit for each of the base 7 girls. These outfits are five-star rating so you must have the FREE 18+ Wet 'n' Wild patch to enjoy them.

Other Small Changes

- Prototype Net is now purchasable with Sand Dollars

- A small amount of exp will be gained even without winning in slot machine

- Other balancing changes


"From all over the world people travel to the island chain of Kawaii in search of recreation, relaxation, and above all... romance."


Girls Overboard, a Puzzle Dating Sim. Enjoy casual gameplay, build relationships, unlock special outfits, and explore each girl's unique story with fully voiced and animated artwork!

Are you ready for a sizzling summer experience? Then grab your sunscreen because you're going to Kawaii Island where the weather's hot and the girls are even hotter! Flirt with fishes, lay with lifeguards, and get tickled by tentacles as you date your way through a beach full of babes. With quick reflexes, puzzle-solving, and maybe a little mermaid magic, you are GUARANTEED to get laid. Summer lovin's never been so hot!

Each girl is fully voiced in English! Featuring high-quality illustrations, hand-painted to perfection, and fully animated. The higher your relationship goes, the racier of situations you'll unlock. With the Wet 'n' Wild DLC patch, get ready to go ALL THE WAY!


  • 7+ gorgeous ladies to romance. (More to come!)

  • More than 25+ animated artwork to unlock that bring the characters to life!

  • Over 100 fun + sexy outfits to unlock! Gift your special gal an outfit tailor-made for her.

  • Fully voiced! A talented cast of English voice actresses!

  • Gallery Mode! Enjoy the art you've unlocked at any time!​

  • Music that makes you want to dance in your chair!

  • Increase your chance of reward with the optional in-game purchase.

  • And much more!



Join in the cute anime girls of Girls Overboard in Kawaii Island for a Wet n' Wild vacation!


Contact Us: Twitter | YouTube | E-mail | Discord

Developer: AGL Studios

Length: 10+ Hours

Genre: Dating Simulation, Match-3 Puzzle, Resource Management, Monster Girls

Language: English

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Aug 03, 2022

Reward Codes:

As thank you to everyone that played the original demo and was part of our Wishlist Campaign, we have some bonus rewards to help win your waifus hearts!

-Use code: "3wishes" to unlock 300 Sand Dollars, 10 dust of each color, 1 Fresh Water!

-Use code: "dontforgetthedemo" to unlock 100 Sand Dollars, 5 dust of each color, 1 Fresh Water!

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