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Paramedium - Live on Kickstarter!

AGL Studios just launched their latest game Paramedium: A Cyberpunk Horror Game on Kickstarter! For those who may not be familiar with them, they are the same studio who created Faulty Apprentice (releasing in Steam in November).

From the developer: "This is a cyberpunk horror themed ghost busting game where you play as clerics, solve mysteries and also engage in combat. There are two early demos of this game but with this kickstarter, we are planning to expand and polish it into a new game. There are also a few things that we would be excited to show off and work towards in our stretch goals if we manage to hit our main goal!"

Be sure to check out their page for more information. Kickstarter Page

In this dystopian future, not only are ghosts real, but they are a real problem. In order to combat the increasing threats of the paranormal, a mysterious and powerful organization was formed called the Paramedium Guild. While the Guild's invention and control of phantom technology makes it a strong political and militarily power, the Guild has an even greater weapon, the Paramedium Cleric.

The Paramedium Cleric is an enforcement officer of the Guild, highly trained in weapon arts, close-quarters combat, and psycho defense. Their job is to assess and resolve paranormal threats peacefully if possible, but if necessary, by force.

Depending on a Cleric's skill and experience, they are Ranked C, B, A or S, with S being the highest rank and authorized to take on the highest threat level assignments. Assignments are given by the Paramedium Guild and ranked in threat levels from 1-99 depending on the predicted danger of the offending target(s).

Will you have what it takes to be a Paramedium Cleric?

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