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Sisterly Bliss ~Don't Let Mom Find Out~ Review

Sisterly Bliss ~Don't Let Mom Find Out~ by eye★phon is a romance visual novel with adult yuri content that features a pair of twin sisters, Sakura Ichika and Sakura Futaba. Ichika and Futaba live, grow up, and attend the same school together as twin sisters. Futaba is entirely reliant on Ichika to help her with the school discipline rules and with her schoolwork. One day, their mother made a demand for Ichika to avoid spoiling Futaba so much and help Futaba learn to be more independent.

Ichika decides to listen to her mother's demand at face value and avoid Futaba as much as possible. Futaba becomes confused and enlists her friends at school Mikage Yuri and Kohinata Saki to find out what's wrong with Ichika and try to return to things as before. As they see each other less regularly, Ichika and Futaba gradually develop feelings for each other.

As a yuri romance visual novel, Sisterly Bliss ~Don't Let Mom Find Out~ explores the theme of incest between two blood-related twin sisters which very few yuri visual novels have. The game has a status page which shows the relationship gauge between Ichika and Futaba to help players enter one of four possible routes and endings, and to unlock all CGs. In addition, the full voice acting in the game including all minor characters without artwork sprites such as Ichika and Futaba's parents, the school faculty staff, and other students help to bring this visual novel to life. The game has nice artwork with a good amount of normal CGs, CGs with fan service, and H CGs which is a must for any eroge. It also includes a theme song Locus to fit the title of the game and the good endings in the visual novel.

There are few cons, among them is the inconsistency in the facial expression for Ichika, where she looks as if she is smiling all the time, yet she isn't actually smiling in different contexts. The game title sounds a bit like a misnomer as I'd expected the choices between the good and bad endings involve hiding the main characters' intimate relationship from their mother, yet the mother has a very minor role in the story. A few of the artwork CGs for Futaba seem to make her look unusually skinny to be realistic or consistent with her artwork sprite and other CGs.

The biggest problem with Sisterly Bliss ~Don't Let Mom Find Out~ is that the game is too short to justify its full price tag at $25 as all routes and CGs can be completed and unlocked in less than 10 hours. There isn't enough school life drama, dating options, outfit variety, romance or obsession building up, or adult yuri scenes. Although it is understandable that full voice acting can be expensive, the pacing of the story is such that the somewhat predictable plot buildup and storyline in the beginning feels boring. The routes leading to the good endings which might have potentially highlighted the bliss among sisters with the game's name, end too abruptly with too few romance scenes to make this visual novel memorable in any way.

Overall, Sisterly Bliss ~Don't Let Mom Find Out~ is a reasonably good attempt at portraying a forbidden love relationship between two blood-related twin sisters with good translation, artwork, theme song, and full voice acting. At the same time, the game suffers from sometimes inconsistent artwork and a story which feels typical, and then ends too abruptly to really consider it a good romance visual novel or yuri eroge that is worth the full price of $25. In this case, it is better to wait until the game is discounted further until the price is more proportional to the playing time of this game.

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