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Escape from the Princess Review

Game cover artwork from Salamandra88's VK page

This second fantasy visual novel with adult yuri content (NSFW sprites and CGs) and fourth visual novel on Steam by Salamandra88 and 7DOTS features a young farmgirl Rosetta who moved to town to apply to study at the Academy of Magic to become a mage. Unfortunately, due to her inaptitude with magic, she has been rejected countless times. One day, a witch from the Eastern Empire Zara Kiranis ends up hiding inside Rosetta's house to evade pursuing guards. Zara makes an offer for Rosetta to help her leave the town without getting caught by the guards and she will tell Rosetta the location of a hidden medallion that will enable Rosetta to wield magic and fulfill her dreams. Rosetta decides to take her chance with Zara's offer after she made a demonstration of her magical abilities. Rosetta and Zara might develop feelings for each other as they live together while helping Zara to escape the city. Having played Salamandra88 and 7DOTS's earlier fantasy visual novel with adult yuri content Sweet Fantasy, this visual novel retains the charm and humour with a large number of colourful, attractive, cute and funny CGs, SD CGs and H CGs (the game can now be uncensored in the preferences section of the in-game menu), and character artwork sprites with facial expression and outfit variety. This is a large improvement over its earlier title and the artwork by 7DOTS is the main highlight of this visual novel by being top-notch. The game also has attractive and cute artwork in the game artwork cover, Steam achievements, emoticons and profile backgrounds to showcase on profile. The plot remains cute and funny while also doing well to build up the suspense and also offer fanservice throughout at various intervals. This helps to keep the reader interested in reading through the storyline and dialogue and attempting all the different endings.

The background music by Peritune and WindSphere provide a wide variety of pleasant, comical and stirring music to match the medieval fantasy setting and the romance themes featured in the game with a useful music player in the extras section of the game. Overall, this game as the second title of the Sweet Fantasy series by Salamandra88 and 7DOTS with new story, setting and characters is a large improvement over its earlier title in every aspect. It is a longer visual novel with playtime of up to 4 hours to reach all endings and unlock all CGs and achievements (a published community guide is available at the time of this review to help players unlock them). Recommended when the game is at good discount or bundle offer.

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