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My Thoughts On The Battle Royale Series

So the Battle Royale Series Is today's topic, and yes, I can hear everyone sighing. Even when I was asking in the Life Needs A Little Sin server, barely anyone had an opinion on the genre. Now when you think of battle royale, you think of something like Fortnite, Players Unknown Battle Grounds or H1Z1 as the origins of this idea, but in reality, the origin is an idea from a Japanese movie named Battle Royale which dropped students into an isolated island who fought to the death. Brendan Green created the first battle royale mod for ARMA 2 which gained a big fan base. He went under the alias "Player Unknown" and after the DayZ standalone was created, he joined Bluehole and made his own standalone game "Players Unknown Battle Grounds" which was very popular.

Now that we are done with the history of the genre we shall move onto the games today and how the two main competitors are different from each other

One of the "original" battle royale games was H1Z1, a zombie game like Dayz that was re-labeled as a Free to play BR game recently. It has become popular but has declined in popularity due to its competitors. The game is more realistic than Fortnite but less serious than PUBG which is relaxing for some and I suggest it for anyone on PS4 or PC who wants to play it for free!

The Top competitor of BR games is Fortnite, a BR Game which has blown up in popularity and has become the most popular BR Games. Fortnite was not meant to be a Battle Royale. It was announced in 2011 with the intent of a zombies story mode for free, but after the release of PUGB, Epic Games made its own take on the genre with the Zombies Story Gamemode not forgotten. I myself had been waiting since 2016 for this zombies storyline and can not wait to see what comes out of it,

The second biggest competitor is Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG). PUBG Has been a roller coaster as when it first came out, it was quite buggy and not optimized. The game has been improved but has lost much of its fanbase due to cheaters and the still unoptimized game. It still has a good following but is compared to Fortnite as a copy way too much.

Now onto the differences between PUBG And Fortnite:

Anyone who knows the two games will either argue that the games are a copy of one another, or that they have their differences. I will try to put the differences into respect. So first, one of the main issues is that Fortnite copied PUBG due to the release dates being so close together which is partially true. Now yes, Fortnite did take after PUBG, but they did not rip it straight off their cover but instead made their own style. For example, PUBG has a more tactical approach with its War Setting (based off ARMA 2) which involves using cover, flushing your enemies out, etc.. Fortnite however has building, rocket launchers, and emotes which make it more appealing for children. Being that it is free also attracts a lot of people.

On to the Last issue for today's topic, people believe that Fortnite took the PUBG fanbase, but in reality it was the poorly optimized gameplay, bad anti-cheat, and bugs. I believe that if Brendan Green can fix these issues, then he can gain his player base back.


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