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Community Manager

With a love for Anime and Video Games, I have continued on my journey of connecting Anime and Gaming fans together.

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Tiago Rocha

Lead Reviewer

I like to review games as an hobby, so don’t expect much, unless my true, honest opinion about whatever I’m playing!

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Site Reviewer

I’m a nerd who thinks so much while I’m engaging in these media that I have to dump the thoughts somewhere, and if I do, I hope to do it in the most entertaining way I can.



Translation Project Leader

"Avid gamer and collector of game artwork and soundtracks. I also enjoy writing and exchanging reviews, tips and tricks on many games including visual novels, role-playing games, anime games and videos."

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Gray Lowe

Site Reviewer

I may be a new to the Anime fandom, but by gosh it's something I should have gotten into a long time ago as I'm already making vlogs and reviews based on anime! Anime is love and anime is life


UnsQuare netWork

Site Reviewer

So join us on this wild ride through the YouTube-verse as we try to make it using only our ideas, our skills, and your viewership!