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Anime and Gaming is our Passion

What We Are

The Sinical Network is a group of communities with the common interest of connecting to Anime and Gaming fans.  We also work with YouTubers, Podcasters, and Video Game developers. 


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Take a Look Inside our Network

Come see who makes up our network.  We pride ourselves on our partners consisting of Anime/Gaming bloggers and reviewers, YouTube content creators, Video Game developers, Community leaders, and Anime Music groups. 

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Join our Discord Community

Join us for talks about Anime, Games, Manga, Visual Novels, and cute stuff.  We have active text and voice channels, Color roles (with special roles that all members are eligible to work towards), a Global Leveling System, NSFW channels, and SFW options for those who want to avoid lewd content altogether. 

Free Stuff/Giveaways

This has been a tradition of ours since the very beginning.  If we have something cool, but don't need it ourselves, why not give it away!  We have provided Video Game keys, Anime Streaming memberships, special roles in our servers, and even Discord Nitro upgrades. 

Be sure to stop by to see what is available for grabs!

Join our Network

If you are a content creator, someone who blogs/writes reviews on games and/or Anime, or a community manager looking to grow their server, we would like to hear from you.  We are looking for those with a passion of either connecting Anime/Gaming fans together or providing relevant content to this target audience. 

Let's work together to help each other achieve this goal!