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Veteran Reviewer
Veteran Reviewer
Mar 07, 2021
#1. Why do you have an interest in moderating for this community? I enjoy being part of this community and I want to help out with this community as best as I can. I think I can help this community when in need when things go down hill so they can have someone else they can turn to. When ever I am part of a community that I enjoy being a part of, I will want to help out with them and so they can reach out to me. #2. Are you friends with the members here (generally)? I am friends with the members that do chat on the server, I can get along with almost everyone on the server and such. I am also a person who is approchable so if anyone has any questions on the server, I can be one of the options they can come to. I love the community that this server has had and made some great friends, the best thing I can do is help them out when they need help. #3. Will you feel empowered to provide ideas/suggestions/concerns to the other staff? Give a man or a women just a little bit of power and they will say and do just about anything. If I was giving the power of admin, I know I am not the all powerful, there are the other people who have more authority then me on the server and I will follow them. I do not make the rules on the server, I just enforce them when the time comes. #4. What is your favorite channel in Life Needs a Little Sin...not judging. :) Personally, it's the general chat, I get to talk to everyone and meet new people when they join the server. You can get into some interesting conversations with the people there sometimes. Oh and the VC channels as I get to talk to people and hear their voices, it's general chat but just more fun in my opinion. If anyone has any questions that they would like to ask me, then they are free to ask me at anytime.


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