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Hey there,you can call me cake

I'm a Fresh College student.

I love pizza.

I go by cake on steam, I used to be talkative to some people to maintain my friendship with people. But it felt pointless now for some reason.

I felt empty Sometimes, In Denial, Confused, Angry, Mad, Sad, depressed, jealous, hopeless, loveless. i'm probably going to accept things the way it is when i finally reach the end of this all with nothing else to lose.

Why am i telling all this things in an online bio ?

well.. i guess i just need somewhere to vent it all out. i doubt anyone will read this anyway

but if you do, i'm very grateful that you considered to take your time to read my profile

I used to play CS GO but i can still hop up to some Zombie Escape,currently playing League Of Legends, still playing Darkest Dungeon and i've been enjoying the game so far.

Thank you for you time.

"Whatever happen, believe what you want to believe. Don't let people discouraged you for being you."

Farewell, may we meet again.


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