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Hey, I'm macho, nice to meetcha. I'm a blogger on this here site and an admin on the Life Needs a Little Sin Discord. I also happen to run the Steam curation for it and anoth...wait a minute this is on my reviewer profile.


So you know what's the shit? Inazuma Eleven. If you haven't heard about it its this show about soccer (or football, if you prefer) except it's hyperdimensional. What this amounts too is probably the most stereotypical approximation of "What if Soccer, but anime?" It's Level-5 at its finest- or close to it since Dark Cloud 2 was pretty damn amazing. Play the games, watch the movies, check out the anime, it's all good stuff.

Other than that, I have a lovely significant other that goes by the name of Ayu online. We stream together here:

Drop by when you're bored for some quality...


......Quality visuals!



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