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Your Smile Beyond Twilight:黄昏下的月台上 - Quick Thoughts

Your Smile Beyond Twilight: 黄昏下的月台上 is Lingtan Studio's second visual novel in Steam. It is a slice of life drama with supernatural elements featuring a young male protagonist Yunshan who recently lost his job in the city and decided to return to his hometown Tangyin with his girlfriend Jingxuan to visit his mother. While paying a visit to his father's grave, a mysterious girl suddenly shows up, claiming to have waited for him for a long time.

As a kinetic visual novel, there are no choices to be made, although the story is nice enough to keep my interest from start to finish. A volunteer translator fixed the English subtitles in 2017, and it is quite easy to obtain all Steam achievements with a published Steam community guide to help players with this part. The artwork and audio are also good, and the game comes with a free soundtrack DLC, leading me to write this quick thoughts blog post.

With that said, I feel that the achievement that requires using up all 30 save slots is a little redundant as the game is rather short with no choices that can be made, and a few save slots would suffice as it takes about an hour and a half to read and listen to all the text and dialogue. The short length also means not enough time is spent to develop some characters properly.

Overall, Your Smile Beyond Twilight is a short kinetic visual novel with nice music and well drawn artwork that I can recommend at any time despite a few minor complaints.



- Easy achievements

- Good visuals and music

- Reasonable price (comes with free soundtrack DLC)

- Rather short with no choices or routes

- Underwhelming character development



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