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Witch College 1 and 2 - Quick Thoughts

The Story

Witch College 1 and 2 are comedic adult visual novel developer Kavorka play's 4th and 7th visual novel releases, featuring an unnamed male student at Himawari Academy.

In Witch College, he attends school with his childhood friend Aki, and the transfer student Sam before inviting one of them to be his dance partner at his school's annual Halloween party. There are also two extra side-stories Study Partner and My Favorite Teacher in which the protagonist can potentially get intimate with two supporting characters in the story.

In Witch College 2, Sam is abducted by a mysterious coven of witches and it is up to the unnamed male student (the player) to enlist the help of his friends to rescue Sam.

Pros and Cons for Witch College 1



​- Cute, charming, and quite funny

- Fun Halloween theme

- Nice upbeat title BGM

- Comes uncensored on all platforms

- Price is okay when discounted to ~$1

- Comes with all the existing faults from using Visual Novel Maker (screenshot button in Steam does not work, can't backtrack messages, can't hide dialogue box, can't skip only read text)

- Can be very short to justify buying it at full price

Overall Thoughts for Witch College 1

A charming and comedic adult visual novel with some cute anime Halloween artwork and upbeat catchy tune edm_06_loop on the title screen. The game is rather short as it takes only an hour or so to reach all 2 endings in 3 stories (6 altogether), although I can recommend it when discounted to around a dollar to be proportional to the playing time, and I hope achievements and trading cards are eventually added into Steam.

Initial Witch College gameplay video on YouTube by legendkiller2k8

Pros and Cons for Witch College 2



- Comes with free uncensored DLC in Steam version

- Decent story with cute artwork

- Very short and predictable storyline

- Comes with all the existing issues of using Visual Novel Maker

Overall Thoughts for Witch College 2

A sequel to Witch College with spoilers, and a step back from the first title, suffering from a much shorter and predictable storyline as it takes only half an hour to reach all 3 endings and there are no particularly memorable BGM this time. Given the very short playtime, I feel Witch College 2 should have been a free side-story or appropriately-priced DLC to Witch College, and I struggle to recommend this game as it is.

Initial Witch College 2 gameplay video on YouTube by Indie Fury (age restricted video)

Witch College Nutaku game page (Contains NSFW content)

Witch College 2 Nutaku game page (Contains NSFW content)

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