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When Sword Sinks Into Flowers - Translation Update

When Sword Sinks Into Flowers is an adult otome visual novel featuring romance and fantasy set in a medieval Western period. The game runs on RPG Maker assets by MagicHouse that features the female knight captain Adelaide Devondell who was inspired by her father's heroic deeds when she was young. Hence, she followed in her father's footsteps by training hard to become a knight captain.

Her childhood friend Yufia Langerton was jealous of Adelaide's combat prowess, rank, and status among the knights. Adelaide was the only woman to have surpassed him at their knight academy, and the two have been exchanging snide remarks whenever they meet, although he also secretly cared for her safety and well-being.

One day, her father tasked Adelaide and her devoted squad member, Phil Cross, to investigate a merchant. The trader, Marlowe, revealed himself as a magician and cast a curse on Adelaide that could eventually kill her as part of an ongoing feud between knights and magicians. The story follows Adelaide as she grapples with her curse, and develops a special relationship with a junior knight, a knight captain or a magician who tries to save her from death.

My Steam group Visual novel, JRPG, Anime and Sinical Network worked on an English fan translation patch for the Japanese version of this game, Ken ga Hana ni Shizumu Toki, in May 2021 after the English and Chinese version Les Fleursword was removed from Steam a couple of months earlier. Now that the developer has brought the Japanese version back to Steam, and my group has obtained permission from the new publisher to publish the fan translation patch, we hope that players who expressed disappointment at the game being removed from Steam and not giving it the English translation it deserved could give When Sword Sinks Into Flowers a try with our fan translation patch. The subtitles can be converted by installing a set of files that are available for download with installation instructions in my published Steam community guide, or at the Sinical Network translations page.

I would like to thank ichinarisoft for bringing this visual novel back to Steam, and for giving me the permission to keep the English fan translation patch available for players. I would also like to thank my friends in Steam, and the Steam community for encouraging me to work on this project, and the kind comments regarding the fan translation patch.

Initial gameplay video with translation patch on YouTube by Kimchi Tea

Steam store page (Contains NSFW content)

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Mar 04, 2023

Good work as ever,very thx one more time ^^

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