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VirtuaVerse - Walkthrough

VirtuaVerse is a fantastic and highly recommended Point & Click, with a good and sharp sense of humor, featuring a desolated cyberpunk vision, one where freedom is fought trough hacking and hardware manipulation. A smart, engaging and overall, fresh approach over the genre. Impressive dedication from the developers, a game developed with care and love.

- Sinical Network

Welcome to our VirtuaVerse 100% Walkthrough!

After the review, it was clear we absolutely had to make a walkthrough of this amazing Point & Clicker. A modern approach over the classic genre, VirtuaVerse is a sci-fi dystopian adventure where gathering clues and solving puzzles is crucial to advance in this cyberpunk journey.

We also include Achievements, and besides the ones that are story-related, there are a few to collect. Our 100% No Commentary Walkthrough will help you go through each and every clue/puzzle, and deliver a casual and enjoyable experience on this 2D Single-Player retro indie title, at 4K 60FPS ULTRA HD.

Don't forget to check our Review of the game as well.

Thank you! :D


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