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Traurig Secrets: Prologue - Quick Thoughts

Traurig Secrets: Prologue is independent development team Nebereal's first part of an episodic psychological horror visual novel that includes romance and fanservice.

It features a male protagonist Satou Ishida waking up in hospital after a fall from one of his university's upper floors. He decides to leave the hospital and join his fellow university students in preparing for the prom night after experiencing a nightmare. Little did he know that he would come across another grisly find under mysterious circumstances.

Among the romance options, Satou could choose to help his fellow university students Mercury, Sunny, Nibiria or Marcie with the prom night preparations. Their routes are very short, and except for one dialogue choice at the beginning of the story, most of the choices don't seem to matter and only give a set of different CGs. It is a pity that the game does not have a CG gallery as the artwork is one of the better features of it, and what is done well is not brought out to its full potential.

Overall Thoughts

Traurig Secrets: Prologue has an interesting premise as a prologue to a bigger psychological horror visual novel with romance in the attractive artwork, some jump scares, and nice background music such as the tracks daily, happy2, nibiria, and romantishno.

Although I don't regret spending money on this game, the lack of updates from the developer about the upcoming three episodes or towards player feedback since late 2020 is disappointing. This point along with the short length of the story which did not give enough time to properly develop the heroines and make the reader feel invested in any of them prevent me from recommending this unfinished episodic visual novel series at the time of this review.

Initial gameplay video with author narration and commentary by FlareBlitzed

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