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THE VII ENIGMA - Release date 01/25

Fate, love, death... Can the enigma be solved? The VII Enigma is a character-driven sci-fi mystery visual novel like no other. Set in a shadowy world of dystopian conspiracy, you must defy the fabric of reality, navigating the desperate path to the 'true end' against the tyranny of time itself.


Those who love a mind-bending sci-fi mystery story with a strong character focus. For fans of the sciADV series, Zero Escape series, the Muv-Luv, and the Infinity series’: this is right up your alley.


In the year 2060, Dr Elijah Shaw awakens in a state of confusion, the only clue to his past a mysterious orb clutched in his hand. After being hauled in for interrogation by an agent of the totalitarian ruling faction known as 'The Bureau'; Elijah is rescued by a small band of rebel fighters. However Elijah soon learns that things are not as they seem… Join the rebels as they seek to untangle the web of deceit behind The Bureau's control and to discover the secrets of Elijah's past. Can you overcome the tyranny of time itself? Will you crack 'The VII Enigma'?


● Sci-fi and time-travel elements integrated with action, psychological themes, plot twists and impacting character moments.

● A unique anime / graphic novel crossover art-style with dynamic kinetic action sequences.

● A broad cast of complex characters set in an intricate world.

● Bad endings, normal endings, and one 'true' ending; all reached based upon your choices.

● Over 30+ original songs on the soundtrack, written and recorded by composer 'Caleb Coles'.

● Over 250+ background images sporting a diverse number of scenes and locations; alongside detailed character designs by head artist Garbiel Weisz.

● Utilizes the third-person limited perspective along with side-imaging, the combination a first for the visual novel medium, to give a larger world feel.

● 15-25 hours worth of gameplay with full 1080 HD for all assets and visuals.

● An in-game encyclopedia called 'The Enigma Files', to help you piece together the clues.

● A truly stunning ending, where all the threads of mystery come together.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux & Steam OS.

THE VII ENIGMA releases worldwide on Steam January 25th

We plan to give a few keys away for THE VII ENIGMA once it has been released in Steam so keep a lookout at our giveaways for this one to show up! Sinical Network Giveaways

3 comentários

02 de fev. de 2022

Sci-fi, time travel and mystery sounds interesting. Wishlisted.


08 de jan. de 2022

Thanks for posting! We can't wait for people to get to experience this one is just a few weeks.


08 de jan. de 2022

I really like the graphic novel visual style for this one. Can't wait to try it out!

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