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The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass - Kickstarter


The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass


Visual novel, mystery, suspense, closed circle, disaster


The Sekimeiya is a mystery surrounding an incident that trapped eight people. It's an intricate story designed to be fair and solvable, and players will find themselves trying to discover the truth. Unique features to aid with this include the ability to search through any text you’ve already seen, ability to jump to any point in the game arbitrarily, and a notes system to keep track of key details.


The discovery of a rare gemstone draws people to an exhibit held in Ashiya Tower. Just as the event begins, the tower is flooded with smoke and the emergency shutters activate, trapping 8 people in the tower for the next 12 hours.

With no clear facts about the events occurring inside the building, the public and police can only speculate. Why can't the shutters be opened? Is anyone behind this, and if so, who? Are the people inside even still alive?


50+ hours of thrilling, intricate mystery

Search text and and jump to any point in the story

Summaries and player notes

Extensive soundtrack including artists such as Âme, Auvic, Clayfacer, Famous Spear, Jake Kaiser, John Tejada, mistwin, Ninety, Nyah, opaqity, Pfirter, Primate, Shurk, verdict, and Volant.


Kickstarter (short):



A visitor with recent trauma visiting the tower for personal reasons, not because of the event. He finds himself actively engaged in the mysteries surrounding him.


Atsuki’s childhood friend who is also struggling internally. She hopes that visiting the tower will allow them to heal.


A young man with a sharp wit and a tongue to match. Sai is a schemer, quick to see the truth and willing to throw everyone else off-course for the sake of confirming his thoughts.


A visitor with an inconsistent mood: sometimes carefree, sometimes serious. Although he doesn’t seem interested in the event, he was the first in the tower.


Erina is Isla’s mother who was initially excited to go to the event, but regrets her decision once they’re locked in. She has no explanation for her daughter’s behavior.


An excitable and bubbly girl. Despite being in an emergency with inexplicable events, she is unusually calm—much calmer than the adults.


The head of security at Ashiya Tower who understands the mechanism that locked them in. Despite his confidence, his words sometimes seem to contradict reality.


An employee at Ashiya Tower and the guide for the event. While showing the exhibit to the first group, smoke fills the room and she disappears.

Estimated Release date: Apr 2021


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