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Sunnyrain Lovestory - Walkthrough

Sunnyrain Lovestory is one of the few visual novels with an engaging storyline that describes many challenges students face and the human interactions in their daily lives, top-notch artwork, animation, background music, and soundtracks and songs with vocals for free.

- Woosk

Sunnyrain Lovestory is a fantastic Visual Novel, but it's also a translated project by our dear member Woosk and an overall Sinical Network project.

It was a pleasure for us, at the MinPin Games, to play through such an entertaining Visual Novel, and we feel very honored to completed the Walkthrough.

Welcome to Sunnyrain Lovestory Walkthrough by MinPin Games.

Sunnyrain Lovestory is the prequel to the amazingly popular Visual Novel Tricolour Lovestory. A romantic drama containing full HD Live2D animation, lip sync and fully voiced over.

Our gameplay walkthrough aims to go through the game, enjoying each moment and every feeling portrayed by the characters. You can even watch it as if it was an Anime, across funny moments, and plenty of romantic instances.

We hope you enjoy our at 4K 60FPS ULTRA HD walkthrough, as we aim to deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience in this fantastic Visual Novel, filled with intense moments.

Don't forget to check our Review of the game, and our Translation page.

Thank you! :D


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