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Spire Games Latest Release - SYNESTHESIA

SYNESTHESIA releases on Steam June 20th.

Arcana Heat & Cold Stories

Is There an Escape to the Endless Spiral?🌀

SYNESTHESIA is a multi-route sci-fi mystery visual novel by Spire Games.

Follow a group of college students with unique cognitive abilities who soon learn something is amiss at the institute sworn to help them, leading to implications larger than they ever imagined.

If only those easy, carefree days could have gone on forever…

Setting and Characters

The year is 2029. Around the world are those awakening to new cognitive abilities, estimated to

be about 0.016% of the next generation. The Huntley Scientific Research Institute has opened

its doors to these young people to take on as students, to research their gifts and aid them in

harnessing their strange abilities.

Ziek is a college level student at the institute. His ability is a unique form of synesthesia,

whereby he can detect the significance of objects by splashes of colour that appear in his vision.

He seeks to continue his easy and comfortable life alongside his friends, but soon discovers

they may be caught up in something much larger than they realise.

Join Ziek and his friends as they hunt down the clues that lead to the end of the vortex in this

psychological mystery

Character-driven Story with Gameplay Elements

SYNESTHESIA is character-driven and plot focused, with occasional interactive elements to

immerse you into the journey of the spiral.


Character-driven visual novel, interposed with occasional exploratory point and click / puzzle

sections; as you partner to unravel the mysteries

- Multi-route mystery structure with multiple heroine endings, including one unlockable

'True Route' / 'True Ending'

- Impacting character moments with psychological / philosophical themes

- Flowchart that unlocks as you progress, with jumpable tiles for ease of navigating

character routes

- Clean visual style influenced by the simple aesthetics of the classic visual novel era

(2000's / early 2010's), all at full HD quality

- Voiced option that utilises a combination of voice acting and speech synthesis (Full voice

with MC Unvoiced)

- Features a full tips list with in-game text hyperlinks

- Fully original soundtrack with 20+ songs from composer 'Caleb Coles'


20+ hours [all endings, methodical read]

15-20 hours [normal read time]

10-15 hours [speed reader]



SYNESTHESIA releases on Steam June 20th.



Developer: Spire Games

Release Date: June 20th 2023

Platforms: Steam

Languages: English

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