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Some Some Convenience Store - English Translation

Some Some Convenience Store is a Korean convenience store dating simulation game by TALESSHOP that has been translated to English. There are three DLCs with the third DLC just released in English on April 27th completing the story for Soohee Pyeon.


Our main character starts working part-time at a convenience store due to family circumstances. While bored and playing with his smartphone one day, he decides to download a dating app called Some Some. Right when he turns it on, it matches him with three girls... Our main character meets an innocent part-time worker, a foreign trainee who wants to become a singer, and a carefree bodyguard. Who will you choose?


1) Choose the relationship you want to develop while working part-time at a convenience store.

2) Choose which of the three distinct routes you want to go down in this dating sim.

3) Choose between three love interests with three very different personalities!

(Each is fully voice acted by a professional actress!)

4) Manage your shop, set up product displays, and carry out promotions to get rich and help fund your outings!

Release Date: Available Now


20 original soundtracks with the Original Soundtrack DLC available for purchase

19 CGs, 6 addition in each DLC

Unlockable Gallery featuring CG art, audio recordings, and scene replays

Free artwork DLC that includes draft images (Korean language only)

All main girls are fully voiced (Korean)

Platforms: Windows, Mobile (Korean only for mobile)

Language: English

Resolution: FHD(1920x1080)

Character Routes:

Characters from left to right: Adela Prohaska, Soohee Pyeon, Yena Bang

Adela Prohaska

–⁠A K-pop hopeful, currently in training

–⁠She’s been having a hard time trying to make her big debut, but she’s making the best of it

–⁠DLC “After story” released and translated

–⁠Voiced by Mi Jang

Soohee Pyeon

–⁠A new worker at the convenience store

–⁠She is the most caring and sincere of the three girls

–⁠DLC currently in the works (English translation coming in the second quarter of 2021)

–⁠Voiced by Chae-ha Kim

Yena Bang

–⁠A senior bodyguard at a security firm

–⁠She’s quite the handful, but is she hiding a softer side somewhere underneath it all?

–⁠ DLC “After story” released and translated

–Voiced by Myeong-ho Lee

Character Intro videos

Steam Store Page

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