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Skeleton Knight in Another World - Quick Thoughts

Skeleton Knight in Another World is an isekai (another world) fantasy anime by Studio Kai and Hornets that is based on the light novel by Ennki Hakari. It features a male protagonist who has mysteriously woken up in a medieval Western fantasy world as Arc, his overpowered skeleton knight avatar in an online game.

When Arc signs up at the local adventurer's guild to make a living as a mercenary and enjoy the various cuisines in the fantasy world, he realizes there is villainy around him, and he decides to make use of his powers to aid those in need of his sword and magic, gradually forming relationships with various people, and a spirit fox in this new world.

There may be a few things that going in that the viewer should be aware of. First, this relies heavily on the isekai formula of the protagonist suddenly gaining unreal amounts of power, but mostly spending time wandering about with traveling companions that he meets throughout his time. There are moments of action where Arc gets to show off his power like a true hero, but the pace is very casual throughout the show.

There are a few scenes that include mature 17+ content, which come off as completely unnecessary, and may prevent all audiences from continuing to watch the rest of the anime series after these scenes appear.

With that said, the numerous comical expressions of Arc thinking to himself, his interactions with his employers and companions, enjoying his food with his fox companion, and Arc in his skeletal form are brought out well with great animation and voice acting (both English and Japanese versions).

The opening theme song Ah, My Romantic Road help to highlight the main theme of Arc's role in the new world, and the numerous Western fantasy music also complement the anime series well.

If you don't mind some of the controversial adult content, disjointed one-off fights, rescues and quests in the earlier episodes that have little impact to the narrative in the entire anime or light novel series, Skeleton Knight in Another World is a decent isekai anime series worth watching if you have read and enjoyed volumes 1 to 3 of the light novel series, and/or you are interested in seeing an overpowered skeleton knight's laid-back nature with a propensity to stand up for what is right. His love for food and drink as well as the cute, comical, and intense moments with his companions are brought out well in this anime series.


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