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OneShot - Review

OneShot is an exciting kind of game where you yourself are the main character, and by you, I mean you, the person reading this review, sitting at the computer, yes you. The game is very story driven with constant fourth-wall breaks. It even implements puzzle solving with these fourth wall breaks, and it is something I like.

Pros and Cons


- A great narrative story that is filled with charming characters

- Fun puzzle solving that uses fourth wall breaking sometimes

- A very nice soundtrack for you to listen to while exploring

- Beautiful pixel art graphics


- OneShot requires you to get a little bit technical for some of the puzzles, requiring you to go through your files on occasion.

- One of the achievements will require you to only exit the game at certain locations, which may cause some issues.


The story starts out in this old broken-down house that the protagonist Niko wakes up in. They have no idea where they are until a voice calls out to them, which happens to be you the player. Niko has this light bulb with him that is turned on. Upon talking to a robot he says that he is the messiah, who must return this lightbulb to this location known as The Tower. The world is dying out as the sun has vanished and it seems this lightbulb will light up the world again.

One Shot has a great narrative-driven story with wonderfully crafted characters, you will see some interesting faces. Like this one woman who has dice for a face, you could say she is lucky to have come across Niko as a whole. My favorite character is the Lamplighter or Plight for short according to the game's files. He is the lamplighter in this location known as the Refuge and will repair the lamplights when they are broken. He has a chill personality and is someone who I would hang out with.

The other supporting characters are also great too and have different charms to them that make them likable.


Oneshot is mostly a story-driven game, but it will have puzzle-solving elements. I love the idea that some of the puzzles require you to use your home computer screen for a few seconds or to go into your game files to uncover something. It’s something very interesting and is something that I liked overall. You will also be interacting around the environment with some of the people you will see in the game. They will help you sometimes by giving you important items or getting access to certain areas of the game.

Overall, OneShot does not have a whole lot of explaining to do in terms of gameplay, it’s short and simple, and it does the job wonderfully for an indie game.

Although OneShot does have two issues that don’t hold the game back completely, but they are still two things I found. For starters, OneShot requires you to be a bit technical with its puzzles, as some of them will require you to dig through your files to solve them. This can get a little confusing on occasions for some people who don’t like to use guides. Then there is another problem with a certain achievement called OneShot. This requires you to beat the game in a certain way and by only saving when Niko feels tired. The game does autosave but if you like have to leave or want to do something else, that’s the only way to save and exit if you want the achievement. I got screwed over sadly and could not get the achievement because I wanted to do something.


The soundtrack for OneShot is very well done, it sounds so dream-like that you feel that you take place in a dream. I really loved the calming music it had, and it made me feel at ease with what I could come across. The soundtrack is available for you to purchase for 6.49 CDN if you want it.

Graphics and Performance

OneShot is a game that can run on low-end computers, so you won’t need a high-end PC to play it. I tested the game on an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad-Core Processor 3.50, and 16 GB of RAM. I experienced no issues while I was playing the game and it ran very smoothly.

Final Verdict

OneShot is a great story-driven game that definitely lives up to the positive reviews it’s been getting. It has a fantastic story filled with wonderful characters that have charm and personalities that make them all great. I recommend the game at full price as you are getting your money worth 10.99 CDN.


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