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New VN Demo Release - of the Devil


THE YEAR IS 2086. There's a camera in every device and a half dozen devices on every citizen. There are tracking implants in every cybernetic and location tags on every bullet. No stone goes unturned- and every stone is accounted for.

Violent crimes are cleared in 97% of cases. The few cases that make it to trial result in a guilty verdict 98% of the time.

People are safer now than at any other time in history and getting away with murder is nearly impossible. So, if you find yourself wrongly accused... Better have the right lawyer.

CYBERPUNK MEETS HARDBOILED NOIR of the Devil is a Visual Novel Adventure Game, inspired by series like Ace Attorney, Danganronpa, Zero Escape, and AI: Somnium. It combines cyberpunk, neo-noir, black comedy and thrilling courtroom drama into an enthralling and gripping narrative about the conflicts between technology and human nature. Playing as both the disarming Criminal Defense Attorney Evangeline Morgan and the coldblooded Serial Criminal Heartbreak, you solve episodic murder mysteries by examining crime scenes, gathering evidence, questioning persons of interest and ultimately defending your clients in court. In this prologue, Morgan answers an unassuming Public Defender request and finds herself charged with advocating for the man who the police say has shot five people through the heart...and counting. During the demo you'll have to gather the facts, gauge the strength of the police's case, then interview your client and try to build a counterargument strong enough to reveal the truth. After your playthrough, please leave a comment and/or a rating to let us know your thoughts! Your feedback and word of mouth are the highest praise we could ask for.



Charming, quick-witted, and deceptively thoughtful, Morgan has to switch masks frequently to get information and testimony in a world where her profession seems increasingly outdated. Outwardly light-hearted (or even light-headed), Morgan will gladly play dumb or dead if it helps her get what she wants.


HK is operating freely within the police state, making it look easy- And people of all sorts are starting to take notice. Some say they’re a symbol of anarchy, a natural-born rebel looking to express themselves. Others say they’re a dissident trying to dismantle the establishment through pure fear. But the authorities are less concerned with their motives than they are with their abilities.


Passionate, fiery, strict, and relentless, the qualities that propelled the newly promoted Detective Reyes to the top of her class are the very same that sank her to the bottom of the office politics totem pole.


A bit taller, a bit more experienced, and a lot wiser than he looks, Qasim London has been a cop for decades and a pragmatist his whole life. His records indicate he used to be a big shot in Arson, but you wouldn’t know it seeing how much dust he’s been gathering in Homicide.


A young man working for the city with a story of ambition, effort, and disappointment common to his generation, Carlos Flatt was until recently a perfectly unremarkable worker. Then his girlfriend was shot, and he was arrested for the Heartbreak Killings.

Despite the evidence piling up against him, and the dire punishment awaiting a serial killer that won't even admit their own guilt, he's asked for a lawyer to represent him.

EMMA ROCKFORD Despite boasting about an education and upbringing that could’ve landed her in any boardroom in the country, Emma Rockford works as a prosecutor for the city, to the befuddlement of her peers and frustration of her opponents. Blessed with talent and a complete lack of awareness about it, she can humiliate the competition just by trying to be accommodating.


FAQ How long is the prologue? Playtime varies based on your reading speed and how you approach the environments, but typically players finish in between 1 to 2 hours.

Is it okay to stream of the Devil? Of course! But since it is a murder-mystery thriller, your viewers would probably appreciate warnings about spoilers.

Is this demo a complete story? Our demo contains the entirety of the prologue chapter- an episodic, self-contained murder mystery case with a build-up, rising tension, conclusion and ending. There's no paywalls or under-construction sections interrupting your complete experience.

What are the controls?

  • Use Left Mouse Click to advance text and interact.

  • Use Mouse to search environments and choose options.

  • Use Scrollwheel to scroll down in-game articles.

  • Use ESC to access the pause menu.

  • Use CTRL to skip through previously read content.

  • We recommend you play in Fullscreen with your Computer Volume High.

Our free demo includes the entirety of the prologue, where Morgan finds herself serving as Public Defender for the man who the police say has shot five people through the heart...and counting.

NOTE: This game contains strong language and mature themes. Install Instructions Windows Users: Right-click the file and select "Extract All" to unzip it, then double-click on the "of the Devil" application. If the game doesn't run, try right-clicking on the "of the Devil" application and selecting "Run as administrator". Confirm that you want to run the application.

MacOS Users: Unzip the file by double-clicking it, then right-click in Finder and select "Open". You may encounter errors such as "Apple cannot check your file," or "This software needs to be updated," select "Show in Finder," right-click on the application, and select "Open" or "Run".

Download of the Devil for Windows536 MB Download of the Devil for Mac555 MB


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1 Comment

Nov 11, 2022

The color palette is really awesome! The colors really pop on top of the darker backgrounds. ❤️

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